About Africa International University (AIU) NEGST

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About Africa International University (AIU) NEGST

About Africa International University (AIU) NEGST | About Africa International University (AIU) NEGST | About Africa International University (AIU) NEGST

Studying at NEGST, a Must!

NEGST, the School of Theology of Africa International University started as Graduate School of Theology in 1983 at its serene Campus in Karen, Nairobi. NEGST exists to train and equip Christians for Christian ministry and to help them develop a deeper understanding of the nature and character of God and how this knowledge informs the mission in the world.
NEGST promotes excellence in African Christianity by training Christ-centered leaders, cutting-edge pastors, and Christian workers of character and integrity for holistic ministry and spiritual renewal in the Church and change agents in society and the global community.

Why you must study at NEGST

Training at NEGST for Christian ministry gives you many advantages:

  • You will receive a high quality contextual theological education that is comparable to what you will find in most global theological institutions around the world.
  • Its international faculty and student body with diverse evangelical theological traditions will enrich and deepen your understanding and appreciation of the different expressions and experiences of the Christian faith for effective ministry.
  • The program integrates faith with critical life issues and vocation to help you discover your purpose for life.
  • Our week-days Chapel Services and Grace Groups fellowship provide an enabling environment for personal spiritual growth and developing godly character and integrity.

In its 33 years of existence, NEGST has trained and equipped leaders with strong and sound theological, biblical, historical, missional and pastoral foundations to handle and deal with religious, cultural, social, political, economic and developmental problems facing the Church in Africa today. By relating Christian theology and the Bible to the deep culturally rooted questions facing the Church in Africa today, NEGST has contributed immensely to the growth of the Church in Africa through its alumni who are found all over Africa. Over the years NEGST has developed Christian thinkers who have written on issues to do with Christianity in Africa thus strengthening the Church in the faith. Eleven of NEGST Alumni and three faculty members were involved with the Africa Bible Commentary. NEGST will make you the pastor and scholar you must be.
If you are thinking of ministerial training or a teaching career in a theological institution, do it at NEGST! At NEGST we provide training in all the major theological disciplines- theological, biblical, historical, missional and pastoral that you will need for effective and promising ministry and a teaching career.

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Renowned International Faculty

We have seasoned resident international faculty of high academic reputation as well as distinguished visiting professors who will work with you to realize your own exciting intellectual adventures and educational goals. You also have opportunity to study in small groups to address the issues that come out in your classes thus giving you opportunity to apply the insights gained in your ministry right away.
The lectures and classes would enable you to develop critical skills, analytical thinking, effective communication, creative problem solving, research skills and hands on application to current issues affecting the church and society.

What our stakeholders are saying about NEGST graduates

We have heard from our stakeholders that graduates from NEGST have distinguished themselves not only in Christian ministry but also in character and integrity all over Africa and beyond. NEGST graduates have ability and the confidence to speak up for themselves to present their ideas, their positions of matters to do with faith and most of them are holding high positions in their churches and denominations all over Africa and outside of Africa.
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