About Africa Nazarene University (ANU) Law School

About Africa Nazarene University (ANU) Law School

About Africa Nazarene University (ANU) Law School | About Africa Nazarene University (ANU) Law School…Read full details below:
Dean’s Message
Africa Nazarene University Law School provides its students with the opportunity to become leaders in the legal field both nationally and internationally. Our all-encompassing programmes and activities are geared towards the sharpening of skills, integrity and character, rather than just the impartation of knowledge of law. In line with Africa Nazarene University’s mission and vision, ANULS is committed to providing excellent legal education that stimulates our students’ academic, spiritual, moral and social potential.
The main thrust of the Law School is to produce law graduates who are committed to the ideal that to be a good lawyer is to serve the community. Among our many goals is the pursuit of intellectual liveliness and competitiveness. Towards this end, we encourage both our staff and students to be stimulated intellectually through, among other ways, participating in public lectures, debates and conferences on current issues affecting our society; engagement in moot court tournaments and offering legal assistance to indigent persons.
Additionally, the Law School is also committed, as one of its strategic objectives, to increasing the quality and quantity of its research output. We have dedicated academics, who are research-active and leaders in their respective fields of knowledge. Above all, the geographic location of Africa Nazarene University, which hosts the Law School, makes it an environment that is conducive for learning.
Why Us
The ANULS Bachelor of Laws degree programme is aimed at producing competent lawyers of character, equipped for legal practice and other law related careers. In Kenya, the LLB is the basic requirement to enter into legal practice. The Africa Nazarene University training philosophy focuses on preparing its graduates to go into the world well-prepared to meet the challenges of their time, which include personal and organizational corruption, violence, disunity, poverty and unemployment, disease, and a crisis of leadership.
The LLB programme will therefore prepare graduates to address these challenges of their time in a number of ways. First, the University Common Courses include units in Christian Ethics to provide a foundation for moral and ethical knowledge and values. Secondly, the LLB programme is structured not only to offer training in legal knowledge and skills so as to prepare students for success in legal practice, but also to prepare them for positive roles in the community through requisite and elective units.
Because of the vision and mission on which its based, and due to the needs of the African continent, the LLB programme, based firmly in Common Law, will train graduates who have the skills and knowledge to support themselves and their families, in addition to expertise and competence that enables them identify and address needs in their local and regional community.
To achieve this ANULS is committed to offering:
• Excellent Teaching and Research
• Excellent Facilities
Excellent Teaching and Research
Our teaching benefits from the dynamic research being done by our academic staff. The ANULS encourages a strong and vibrant community where effective teaching and supervision of research is a high priority. The staff at ANULS are committed to small group teaching and ensuring that staff are accessible to students. The school also has excellent moot court facilities which enable the students to practice the skills they are learning at ANULS.
Excellent Facilities
The school has excellent facilities for teaching and research. These include:
• The law library located in Grace Roles Building;
• A moot court room;
• Power point projectors;
• White board;
• Public address system for big classes; and
• An electronic learning platform.
In addition to having paper resources at Grace Roles, we subscribe to a wide range of online journals and have access to major legal databases such as HeinOnline and Lexis-Nexis.
ANULS is an exciting and rewarding place to study. Students are taught by leading scholars who have trained all over the world.
Accreditations Networks and Affiliations of the school / department
ANULS is fully accreditation by the Council of Legal Education.

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