About Kenya Police SACCO

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About Kenya Police SACCO

Kenya Police SACCO Limited was registered on 20th November 1972 and was issued with a registration certificate number CS/2092. The Society started with a membership of 690 and has since grown to 62,658 members. It has 12 elected members; 9 form the Board of Directors and 3 the Supervisory Committee.

To be a SACCO that empowers members for improved quality of life.

To facilitate the mobilization of savings and provision of cost effective financial and non-financial products and services to our members and customers in Kenya and beyond.
United for prosperity


To encourage thrift among members by affording them an opportunity for accumulating savings

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To create a source of funds at fair and reasonable rate of interest

To provide an opportunity for each of its members to improve their respective economic and social conditions

To provide its members with credit for purposes of providence or production or both

To offer the members complimentary savings and credit services and other financial products as may be required by the members from time to time

To ensure safety and soundness of the members funds through a risk management program or appropriate insurance coverage

To ensure the progress of its members by educating them continuously on the proper use of credit

To perform the function and exercise the powers designated for savings and credit co-operative societies under the applicable law for the benefit of the members

Benefits of membership

Low interest rates on loans

Instant M-Sacco FOSA loans

Affordable property with Investment Co-operative

High annual dividends and interest on deposits

Loan clearance on behalf of members