About Riara University RU School of Business

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About Riara University RU School of Business

About Riara University RU School of Business | About Riara University RU School of Business | About Riara University RU School of Business
Riara University Business graduates have excellent career prospects. Business studies hone skills in communication,  rational argument, critical analysis, scientific methods and fundamental thinking, producing highly versatile professionals that are simply irresistible to the modern employer. They are also eminently qualified to start and run their own businesses.The Riara School of Business offers Bachelor of Business Information Technology and   Bachelor of Business Administration degree which has the following specializations:

    •   Finance
    •   Accounting
    •   Marketing
    •   Human Resource Management
    •   Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Management

In addition, the School offers diploma courses in:

    • Business Management
    • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
    • Business Information Technology

Plus higher diploma programmes in:

  • Development and Management Consultancy
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

The programmes are widely recognized and are eligible for exeptions to the degree programme.
Career Options
For the Riara University graduate, various exciting fields beckon. Some may work in the business or management services areas (such as finance, accounting, marketing, information technology and administration) supplemented by training in information technology. With their firm grounding in the functional and technical areas of business, they are on the fast lane for career progression to top management, and may serve as general managers, CEOs and technical directors. They may also develop their careers to become consultants, liaising with top-level management.
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