About Riara University School of International Relations and Diplomacy

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About Riara University School of International Relations and Diplomacy

About Riara University School of International Relations and Diplomacy | About Riara University School of International Relations and Diplomacy


Philosophy of the Programme

The world is becoming more complex and highly interdependent due to increased levels of relationships and interactions between states. Indeed, no country is an island as humanity now increasingly finds itself in a global village. Consequently, there are many issues and problems arising from these linkages which require innovative and creative solutions. Notably, conflicts and tensions both at local and international level are a creation of humankind, majority of who intrinsically yearn for a peaceful and cohesive environment. Thus decision makers and opinion leaders are required to be genuine and creative problem solvers. The socio-economic and political problems being encountered world-wide require a solid theoretical and practical understanding of different facets of international relations. As such, the graduates trained in this programme will be instrumental in filling this gap. Their incremental growth in knowledge and skills will contribute to their ability to become more committed to global peace for sustainable development. An inquiring mind and ability to make appropriate moral and intellectual choices underlay this programme’s philosophy.

Goals of the Programme

  •  Examine the contending views and emerging challenges in all the dimensions of the international system.
  •  Explain the history, evolution and theories of International Relations as a field of study.
  •  Evaluate the foreign policy and diplomatic practice of different states and how they influence international relations.
  •  Assess the benefits of international rule of law in the conduct of contemporary IR.
  •  Examine contemporary challenges in the international and regional system and suggest tools for solving them.
  •  Identify emerging challenges of IR in the 21st Century.

In this way the programme shall achieve its ultimate goal of producing innovative and skilled diplomats, scholars, policy makers and administrators who can serve effectively in government institutions, Inter-governmental Agencies, Non-governmental Organizations, International Institutions and other relevant organizations. Concurrently, the programme also focuses on providing a holistic education that equips learners with the capacity to realize their individual full potential and to develop social and moral values which guide their actions through life.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  •  Design problem solving approaches for emerging problems in the international/regional system.
  •  Apply the theories of IR in analyzing contemporary problems and challenges in the international/regional system.
  •  Identify and apply the relevant tools of diplomacy in the conduct of the foreign policy and diplomacy of their countries.
  •  Apply the relevant and contemporary rules of international law to solve diverse problems affecting the international system.

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