Amboseli Institute of Hospitality School Of Tourism

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Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology School Of Tourism

Amboseli Institute of Hospitality School Of Tourism |Amboseli Institute of Hospitality School Of Tourism
These courses are designed to equip trainees with necessary knowledge, skills and competencies in basic operations aspects of travel and tourism Industry. Our trainees are expected to be operational and employable in travel and tourism industry.
The curriculum’s are developed in response to the needs of the industry.

Special attention is paid to practical training and in-service training.

Our graduates have a wide range of opportunities including entrepreneurship and employment in the leading organizations and companies just to mention a few opportunities in worldwide Tourism destinations, Tourism companies, wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, Airports, seaports, environmental conservation, cultural heritage centres and many more.
The courses are progressive from craft to Diploma level at our Institute. Students are admitted at different levels depending on their qualifications. A student can thereafter transfer credits to any University that recognizes our diplomas and enter as a mature student.

School Of Tourism At Amboseli Institute of Hospitality

Courses Duration Examination Body Grade Tuition Fees Per Term
Diploma in Tourism & Business Studies 1 1/2 Years ICM D+ 25,000/=
Diploma Tour Guiding & Administration 1  1/2 Years ICM D+ 25,000/=
Certificate in Tour & Driver Guide 1 Year ICM D 25,000/=
Certificate in Tour & Travel Management   1 Year ICM D 25,000/=
Certificate in Wildlife Management 1 Year A.I.H.T D 25,000/=
Diploma in Wildlife Management 1 1/2 Years A.I.H.T D+ 25,000/=

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  1. Sydney Gitau

    i would like to join ur school since it offers quality education to the citizens who wish to pursue in tourism ….. for i believe in that in having a chance in ur school one has the privillages of pursueing in what one has passion for.


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