Courses Offered at Kenya School of Government

Courses Offered at Kenya School of Government

Courses Offered at Kenya School of Government | List Of Courses Offered at Kenya School of Government

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Kenya School of Government Programmes

  1. Training of Trainers
  2. The Women’s Executive Leadership Program
  3. Supervisory Skills Development Course
  4. Strategic Planning and Management seminar
  5. Strategic negotiation Skills Course
  6. Strategic Leadership Development Programme
  7. Strategic Human Resource Management & Development Course
  8. Statistical Package for Social Scientists
  9. Speech Writing Skills Course
  10. Senior Management Course
  11. Secretarial Management Training course
  12. Revenue Enhancement
  13. Result-Based Monitoring & Evaluation
  14. Report Writing Course
  15. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Course
  16. Public Sector Financial Management
  17. Public Relations and customer care
  18. Public Prosecution Course
  19. Public Procurement Course
  20. Public Private Partnership Management
  21. Protocol, Etiquette and Event Management Course
  22. Project Proposal writing course
  23. Project Planning and Management course
  24. Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar
  25. Policy Formulation, Implementation & Analysis Seminar
  26. Performance Management Systems Course
  27. Performance Contracting in The Public Service Seminar
  28. Performance Audit and Risk Management
  29. Performance Appraisal System Seminar
  30. Office Management Course
  31. National Leadership Development Program
  32. Masters of Public Administration (MPA)
  33. Management Skills Development Course
  34. Management Course for Social Development Workers
  35. Leading With Emotional Intelligence Seminar: From IQ To EQ For Effective Leadership
    Leadership, Ethics and Integrity Course
  36. Job Evaluation Seminar
  37. Introduction To E-Government: On-Line
  38. International Computer Driving License
  39. Institutional Re-Engineering & Change Management Seminar
  40. Innovative Leadership For Growth And Excellence Seminar
  41. Information System Security Management
  42. Induction Course
  43. ICT for Devolved Government
  44. Fundamentals of Electronic Records Management Course
  45. Fundamentals of E-Learning: On-Line
  46. Fraud Investigation and Prevention Course
  47. Financial Management for Non-Finance Managers
  48. Financial Accounting, Recording and Reporting (FAARR)
  49. Executive Secretarial Course
  50. Executive Board Paper Writing Course
  51. Environmental Impact Assessment and audit
  52. E-Learning Strategy Workshop
  53. E-Learning Course Production
  54. Efficient Revenue Mobilization, Management and Mapping
  55. Effective Personal Assistants and Office Administrators Course
  56. Disaster Management Seminar
  57. Designing, Developing and Managing Donor Funded Projects
  58. County Planning Seminar
  59. Corporate Governance Seminar
  60. Consultancy Skills Development Course
  61. Conflict Management And Resolution Course
  62. Conduct Meetings And Minute Writing
  63. Cash and Treasury Management
  64. Building and Maintaining Your Personal Brand
  65. Budget Preparation
  66. Basic Computer Maintenance and Security Course
  67. Balanced Score Card Seminar
  68. Audit and Risk Assurance Seminar
  69. Advanced Electronic Records Management Course

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