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Higher Education Loans Board HELB – Check Below:

1.How Do I Get the HELB Mobile App?
2.How Do I Apply HELB Loan Without Smart Phone ?
3.I have not received HELB One Time Password code OTP
4.What if I changed my mobile phone number for HELB ?
5.I used a wrong pin and now my HELB app is blocked
6.How much does it cost me to do the HELB Application ?
7.how can I access Helb application without a Safaricom line?
8.Phone number for Helb is not registered in my name
9.What if I change my phone after Helb initial registration ?
10.What Loan applications are currently on the HELB App?
11.Can I apply for subsequent Helb loan without the First-time Undergraduate application
12.How much do I need to apply for from Helb Loan ?
13.I am not satisfied with my previous Helb loan award
14.Do I need to submit the physical Helb loan Form after mobile app application?
15.My institution details for Helb are not correct. How do I edit?
16.How much Helb Undergraduate Loan can one get?
17.How do I check for my Helb Undergraduate Loan ?
18.When can one apply for a HELB Undergraduate Loan ?
19When are HELB Undergraduate Loan Awards released ?
20.Who is eligible for a HELB TVET Loan ?
21.How do I know if the college is a member of KATTI ?
22.How do you apply for HELB TVET Loan ?
23.I don’t have an ID card; can I apply for a HELB TVET loan?
24.Is it compulsory to apply for a HELB loan?
25.What is the applicable interest rate on Helb Loan?
26.when does Helb Loan interest rate start to accrue?
27.Am I eligible for a Helb loan in 2nd year if I did not apply in 1st year?
28.What if I was awarded a Helb loan but it is not enough?
29.Do i still have to pay my Helb Loan If I discontinue my education?
30.Can I share Helb Loan with someone then we share repayment?
31.What if I can’t remember my password for the HELB Online Portal?
32.What if I can’t see the HELB portal activation link on my email?
33.Why is my Helb Application Form Defective?
34.Who is eligible for the Afya Elimu loan?
35.How do you apply for the Afya Elimu Fund AEF Loan?
36.I don’t have an ID card; can I apply for a HELB Afya Elimu Loan ?
37.Is it compulsory to apply for the Afya Elimu Funds ?
38.What is the interest rate for a HELB Afya Elimu Loan?
39.when does Afya Elimu Loan interest rate start to accrue?
40.Am I eligible for Afya Elimu loan in 2nd year if I did not apply in 1st year?
41.I got a message that my Afya Elimu Fund was defective.
42What is the extent of cover for the Afya Elimu Fund Loan?
43.To which account will my Afya Elimu AEF Loan be paid?
44.In case where school fees is less than AEF Loan what happens?
45.Can the excess money from the Afya Elimu Fund be transferred to other students?
46.How often do you send HELB Loan statement ?
47.What are the modes of HELB Loan repayment?
48.How do I pay my HELB Loan from abroad?
49.What happens if I default HELB Loan ?
50.Can you clear HELB Loan in one installment?
51.Why charge HELB Loan ledger fees?
52.What happens when I clear my HELB Loan?
53.HELB Loan: How do you tell where I am?
54.What happens if I overpay my HELB Loan?
55.How long does it take to get a refund when i overpay HELB?
56.What if I die before clearing my HELB Loan?
57.What happens to my HELB Loan if I change employers?
58.Are HELB Loans recoverable after six years?
59.Can HELB Loan interest be waived for Muslims?
60.Do you repay the HELB Loan if you are on probation?
61.HELB: How do you determine the monthly deduction rate?
62.Payslip balance does not tally with that in HELB statement?
63.My HELB payslip balance reads zero, does that mean I have cleared loan repayment?
64.Does my employer need authority from me to make HELB loan deductions?
65.Can I instruct my employer to start deductions without first consulting HELB?
66.My employer stopped HELB Loan deductions from my pay, that’s not my mistake.
67.What happens if an employer does not remit the HELB Loan deductions made?
68.How do I receive my HELB Loan completion certificate?
69.No Query Response from HELB. How do i get it?
70.How can I repay my HELB Loan?
71.How do I forward a query to HELB?
72.How do I know a HELB beneficiary/loanee?
73.What happens when a HELB loanee disputes or declines to be deducted from payslip?
74.How do I remit HELB Loan deductions?
75.How do I get employee Helb loan repayment statement?
76.How much do I deduct from employees salary for HELB Loan?
77.How do I access HELB Employers Portal?
78.What is HELB Employers Portal about?
79.What services can I get from HELB Employers portal?
80.How can I determine those who benefited from HELB loans?
81.How much will I be expected to deduct from each HELB loanee/beneficiary?
82.How is the HELB Loan deduction done?
83.Must I submit the bank slip at the HELB’s cash office?
84.What happens if I don’t pay the exact HELB Loan amount as per the e-slip?
85.Once a loanee has cleared his/her HELB loan, will I expect a Stop Order from HELB to stop further deductions?
86.Will the HELB loanees who are already billed at certain amounts be automatically rebilled?
87.If a HELB loanee disputes the amount deducted from his/her salary, is it possible to review?
88.are HELB offices open
89.are HELB offices opened on saturday
90.where are HELB offices located in nairobi
91.can i get HELB clearance online
92.can i apply HELB without id
93.can i apply HELB loan now
94.can i apply HELB now
95.how to do HELB subsequent
96.does HELB loan have interest
97.does HELB pay interns
98.does HELB sponsor masters students
99.has HELB portal been opened
100.has HELB application started
101.how HELB works
102.how HELB app works
103.how HELB penalty waiver works
104.how HELB smart card works
105.HELB how to apply
106how is HELB loan given
107.is HELB portal open
108.is HELB portal open for 2023 candidates
109.is HELB portal open 2023
110.is HELB application still ongoing
111.is HELB application ongoing
112.is HELB loan application on
113.is HELB portal open for first applicants
114.is HELB subsequent application on
115.when was HELB established
116.what does HELB mean
117.what is HELB loan
118.what is HELB compliance certificate
119.when is HELB disbursement 2023
120.when is HELB application deadline
121.when will HELB portal be opened
122.where is HELB city
123.where to get HELB clearance certificate
124where to submit HELB forms
125.will HELB be disbursed this year
126.when will HELB portal be closed
127.when will HELB money be released
128.HELB app
129.HELB Contacts
130.HELB application deadline
131.HELB paybill
132.HELB account activation.
133.HELB application form pdf
134.create a HELB account
135.HELB bursary
136.HELB balance
137.HELB bursary application form
138.HELB business number
139.HELB bank account
140.HELB benevolent fund
141.HELB clearance certificate
142.HELB customer care
143.HELB compliance certificate
144.HELB create account
145.HELB clearance certificate requirements
146.HELB clearance certificate cost
147.HELB deadline
148.HELB deadline 2023
149.HELB deadline application 2023
150.HELB Email Address
151.HELB employer portal
152.HELB enquiry form
153.HELB enquiry form pdf
154.HELB first time application
155.HELB first time application deadline
156.HELB form download
157.HELB first time application form
158.HELB first application deadline
159.HELB guarantors
160.HELB guarantor requirements
161.HELB gmail account
162.HELB guarantors form
163.HELB guarantor details
164.HELB guarantor requirements kenya
165.HELB Helpline
166.HELB home
167.HELB Help Desk Email
168.HELB portal
169.HELB Head Office
170.HELB Hotline Number
171.HELB interest rate
172.HELB interest
173.HELB interest calculator
174.HELB jobs
175.HELB job vacancies 2023
176.HELB job opportunities
177.HELB january 2023 disbursement
178.HELB kcb account number
179.HELB kenya portal
180.HELB kuccps
181.HELB loan
182.HELB loan application
183.HELB loan app
184.HELB loan application form
185.HELB loan application deadline
186.HELB loan repayment
187.HELB loan disbursement 2023
188.HELB loan interest rate
189.HELB mobile app
190.HELB mpesa
191.HELB mobile application
192.HELB mpesa paybill no
193.HELB mobile app apk
194.HELB mpesa number
195.HELB mail
196.HELB new portal
197.HELB news 2023
198.HELB new portal login
199.HELB news today
200.HELB number
201.HELB news now
202.HELB online application
203.HELB Offices
204.HELB official page
205.HELB online application form
206.HELB opening dates
207.HELB online application deadline
208.HELB portal registration
209.HELB paybill number
210.HELB portal app
211.HELB portal deadline
212.HELB portal latest news
213.HELB questions and answers
214.HELB qualifications
215.HELB questions
216.HELB requirements
217.HELB registration requirements
218.HELB repayment
219.HELB registration deadline
220.HELB requirements 2023
221.HELB requirements for application
222.HELB registration deadline 2023
223.HELB student portal
224.HELB subsequent application
225.HELB subsequent application form 2023
226.HELB subsequent application deadline
227.HELB sign in
228.HELB student portal registration
229.HELB sign up
230.HELB smart card
231.HELB tvet
232.HELB to stop funding engineering
233.HELB tenders
234.HELB terms and conditions
235.HELB tvet application deadline 2023
236.HELB to stop funding engineering courses
237HELB Toll Free Number
238.HELB updates 2023
239HELB ussd code
240.HELB undergraduate application
241.HELB ussd
242.HELB undergraduate application deadline
243.HELB user registration
244.HELB verification
245.HELB vacancies
246.HELB via mpesa
247.HELB verification code
248.HELB vision
249.HELB registration portal
250.HELB website
251.HELB waiver 2023
252.HELB web portal
253.HELB Working Hours
254.HELB Working Days
255.HELB first year application
256.HELB for first years
257.HELB application this year
258.HELB 1st time application
259.HELB 1st applicant form
260.HELB act 1995
261.HELB 2023 application deadline
262.HELB 2023 first time application
263.HELB 2023 deadline
264.HELB 2023 disbursement
265.HELB 2023 deadline