Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) Center for Leadership and Professional Development

Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) Center for Leadership and Professional Development

Center for Leadership and Professional Development

About the Center: Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) recognizes that learning is a life-long activity that a university should advance within and outside the learning situations. Through the newly established Center for Leadership and professional Development, KeMU has put together a team of expert trainers to build and enhance capacities and competencies of individuals, communities and institutions in order to meet the emerging challenges and demands of living spaces in Kenya and beyond.

Mandate of the Center: The goal of the Center is to offer opportunities for training solutions, research, consultancy services that are adaptive and practical to client(s) needs.According to the policy, this center shall:

  1. Provide training, consultancy and research services that promote individual, institutional and national development agenda;
  2. Provide opportunities for continuous and life-long learning among individual clients, public and private institutions, organizations and communities;
  3. Develop and deliver tailor-made programmes that address client’s demands;
  4. Assess and award credit certificates and other forms of suitable awards to successful clients (candidates);
  5. Establish linkages, collaborations and partnerships with like-minded public and private organizations;
  6. Discharge any other related duties as may be required by the university.

Target Groups: Professionals, leaders and practitioners in public service, private sector, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community based organizations (CBOs).

Training Programmes and Consultancies: This Center is a service and market-driven hub offering innovative and specialized professional training and development programmes in form of:

  1. Open and tailor-made short course training (2 days – 10 days)
  2. Open and customized professional training programmes (three weeks – 6 months)
  3. Consultancies: contracted services, multiple discipline services, problem-solving projects and community services
  4. Research projects and client-based research programmes
  5. Collaboration and partnership activities

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