Kenya TVET Fees Structure 2023-2024

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Kenya TVET Fees Structure 2023/2024

Kenya TVET Fees Structure – Check below:

Registration fees

The Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority charges the following fees for the services it renders.

a. Inspection of local institutions for registration, accreditation and licensing for 5 years

This fee includes accreditation of up to 10 programmes in the initial application.

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Inspection for Registration Amount

1. National Polytechnics

Ksh 30,000

Teacher Trainer Colleges Ksh 30,000

3. Technical and Vocational Colleges

Ksh 20,000

Vocational Training Centers Ksh 5,000

b. Fees for accreditation of additional local programmes (fee per course)


Level Amount

1. Trade Test

Ksh 3,000

Artisan Ksh 3,000

3. Craft

Ksh 5,000

Diploma Ksh 5,000

5. Higher/Advanced Diploma

Ksh 5,000

c. Kenya TVET Fees Structure: Fees for accredited institutions

Fee Amount

Expansion of Student Enrolment National Polytechnic

Change of Name/Ownership /Management Ksh 5,000

Expansion of student enrolment
National Polytechnic Ksh 20,000

Technical and Vocational College Ksh 15,000

Vocational Training Centre Ksh 5,000

Renewal after five years upon expiry of certificate
National Polytechnic Ksh 15,000

Technical and Vocational College Ksh 10,000

Vocational Training Centre Ksh 3,000

Annual quality assurance fee per student enrolled Ksh 500

d. Accreditation of foreign institutions

Evaluation for Accreditation Application

Evaluation of documentation

Accreditation per program


e. Registration and licensing of trainers

Trainers will be expected to undertake skills professional development or relevant industrial working experience to renew licence.


Initial registration and licensing

Ksh 1,000
Renewal of license after three years

Ksh 500

f. Reassessment of an institution due to an appeal

For a case where reassessment report confirms the earlier report to be true.


Percentage of registration fee
National Polytechnics

Teacher Trainer Colleges

Technical and Vocational Colleges

Vocational Training Centers


g. Recognition and equation of qualifications

Category ServiceĀ charge

Application charges for Recognition and Equation of Qualification (REQ) by holder of a skills certificate or diploma award Ksh 5,000

Subsequent application charges for REQ on the same certificate or diploma award by the holder of the Certificate or a Diploma Ksh 3,000

Application charges for Recognition and Equation of Qualification (REQ) by holder of the Certificate or Diploma express services (same day service) Ksh 10,000

Application charges for REQ by prospective employers or any other body within the Republic of Kenya Ksh 10,000

Application charges by prospective employer or any other body outside the jurisdiction of the Republic of Kenya per application $300

Disclaimer: These salary stated above is only an estimate and not the correct value of Kenya TVET Salary Scheme so take note

Payment process

Use either of the following methods to pay for your TVET institution registration.

a. M-Pesa

  1. Go to the Mpesa menu
  2. Select payment services
  3. Choose Pay Bill option
  4. Please Enter 894135 as the business number
  5. Then Enter your full name as the account number
  6. Enter the amount
  7. Enter your PIN and press OK

b. Bank