Kenyatta University Courses Offered

Kenyatta University Courses Offered

Kenyatta University Courses Offered | See the list of programmes offered at Kenyatta University…

Kenyatta University Diploma Courses

  • Hospitality Management
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Clinical Child Neuropsychology
  • Crime Management and Prevention
  • Crop Improvement and Protection
  • Information Technology
  • Portuguese Language
  • Disaster Management
  • Japanese
  • Japanese
  • Sports Administration and Management
  • Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Educational Leadership and Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Fine Art
  • Gerontology (Study of Aging)
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Music
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Kenyatta University Courses Offered

Post Graduate Diploma

  • Addiction Treatment Science
  • Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Sports Administration and Management


Kenyatta University Certificate Courses

  • African Studies
  • African Environment
  • African Philosophy
  • Arabic Language
  • Chinese Language And Culture
  • Portuguese Language
  • Dholuo Language
  • Japanese
  • Japanese
  • Sports Administration and Management
  • Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Kiswahili Language
  • French
  • German
  • Gikuyu Language
  • Music
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Kenyatta University Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses

  • A
    Accounting, B.Com.
  • Actuarial Sciences, B.Com.
  • Actuarial Science, B. Sc.
  • Agriculture Health, B.Sc.
  • Agribusiness Management B.Sc.
  • Agriculture (Animal Science Option), B.Sc.
  • Agriculture (Crop Science Option), B.Sc.
  • Agriculture Resources Management, B.Sc.
  • Analytical Chemistry with Management, B.Sc.
  • Animal Health and Production, B.Sc.
  • Agricultural Education and Extension, B.Sc.
  • Arts, Bachelor of
  • Art & Design, B.Ed.
  • Art & Design, B.A.
  • Architectural Studies B.A.S
  • Architecture B.Arch
  • F
    Fashion Design & Marketing, B.Sc.
  • Film Technology, B.A.
  • Finance, B.Com.
  • Fine Arts, B.Ed.
  • Food & Beverage Management (Proposed), B.Sc.
  • Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics, B.Sc.
  • Forensic Science, B.Sc.
  • French, B.Ed.
  • French, B.A.
  • G
    Geography, B.A.
  • German, B.Ed.
  • German, B.A.
  • Gender and Development B.A
  • N
    Nursing and Public Health, B.Sc.

Pharmacy, Bachelor of

  • Philosophy, B.A.
  • Physical Education, B.Sc.
  • Physical Education, B.Ed
  • Planning & Management, B.Env
  • Population Health, B.Sc.
  • Psychology, B.A.
  • Philosophy in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Bachelor of
  • Public policy and Administration, B.A.
  • Petroleum Engineering, B.Sc
  • Primary Teacher Education, B.Ed
  • Plant Science B.Sc.
  • Physics B. Sc.

Biochemistry, B.Sc.

  • Biology, B.Sc.
  • Biotechnology, B.Sc.
  • Biosystems & Agricultural B.Sc.
  • BIT, B.Sc
  • Biomedical Engineering, B. Sc
  • Biology B.Sc.

Health Records & Information Management, B.Sc.

  • Health Service management B.Sc.
  • History, Government & Acheology, B.A.
  • Home Economics, B.Ed.
  • Hospitality Management, Bsc.
  • Tourism Management, B.Sc.
  • Human Resource Manangement, B.Com.

Record Management & Information Technology, B.Sc

  • Records Management and Technology, B.Ed.
  • Resource Conservation, B.Env
  • Real Estate B.R.E
  • Restaurant Management (Proposed), B.Sc.
  • Rooms Division Management (Proposed), B.Sc.
  • Religious Studies, B.A.
  • Recreation and Sports Management, B.Sc

Catering & Institutions management (Proposed), B.Sc.

  • Civil Engineering, B.Sc.
  • Coastal & Marine Resources, B.Sc.
  • Commerce, Bachelor of
  • Community Development, B.Env.
  • Community Resource Management, B.Sc.
  • Community Health B.Sc.
  • Computer Engineering, B.Sc.
  • Computer Science, B.Sc.
  • Conservation Biology, B.Sc.
  • Counselling, B.A.
  • Counselling Psychology, B.A
  • Coastal & Marine Resources, B.Sc.
  • Crop Improvement and Protection, B.Sc.
  • Crop Protection, B.Sc
  • Culinary Arts (Proposed), B.A.
  • Construction Management B.C.M.

Industrial Chemistry with Management, B.Sc.

  • Information Technology, B.Sc.
  • International Teacher Education, B.Ed.

Japanese, B.A.

Kiswahili, B.A.

Science, Bachelor of

  • Science, B.Ed.
  • Sociology, B.A.
  • Software Engineering, B.Sc.
  • Special Needs Education, B.Ed.
  • Statistics & Programming, B.Sc.
  • Surgery, Bachelor of
  • Seurity Managment and Police Studies, Bachelor of
  • Spatial Planning B.S.P

Telecommunication & Information Technology, B.Sc.

  • Theatre Arts, B.A.
  • Theatre Arts & Film Technology, B.A.
  • Tourism Management, B.Sc.
  • Travel Administration (Proposed), B.Sc.

Dryland Agriculture & Enterprise Development, B.Sc.

Laws, Bachelor of

  • Leisure and Recreation Management, B.Sc.
  • Library & Information Science, Bachelor of
  • Library Science, B.Ed.
  • Literature, B.A.
  • Library Information Science, B.Sc

Early Childhood Education, B.Ed.

  • Economics, Bachelor of
  • Economics & Finance, Bachelor of
  • Economics & Statistics, Bachelor of
  • Ecotourism Management (Proposed), B.Sc.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering, B.Sc.
  • Energy Engineering, B.Sc.
  • English & Linguistics, B.A.
  • Environmental Education, B.Sc.
  • Environmental Health, B.Sc.
  • Environmental Science, Bachelor of
  • Environmental Planing and Management, Bachelor of
  • Ethnomusicology, B.A
  • Exercise and Sports Science, B.Sc

Marketing, B.Com.

  • Mathematics and Computer Science, B. Sc
  • Marine Tourism (Proposed), B.Sc.
  • Management Science, B.Com.
  • Management Sciences, Bachelor of
  • Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc.
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, B.Sc
  • Medical Laboratory Science, B.Sc.
  • Medicine, Bachelor of
  • Meetings & Events Management (Development in progress), B.Sc.
  • Microbiology, B.Sc.
  • Molecular & Cell Biology, B.Sc.
  • Music, B.Ed.
  • Music, Bachelor of
  • Music Technology, B.Sc
  • Kenyatta University Courses Offered

Kenyatta University Masters Courses

Kenyatta University Phd Courses


8 thoughts on “Kenyatta University Courses Offered

  1. Alphonce Soso

    I have a KCSE C- (MINUS), Diploma in Community Development and Social Work (KNEC), and BA Development Studies (MKU).
    Please assist me. I want to pursue Masters in Public Policy and Administration (MPPA), at Kenyatta University Mombasa campus.

  2. Fred Kipkosgei

    I am Fred Kipkosgei I had a B o of 60 points in my kcse
    English B-
    Kiswahili B
    Maths C+
    Biology B
    Chemistry D
    Physics C-
    Geography B+
    Agriculture A
    I would like to know the courses that I can apply for

  3. Lyon

    I need to know the cut off points for electrical and electronic engineering

  4. Evelyn Katimbo

    I am Mosotho lady from high school. I passed my O’Level as follows:
    English A
    Sesotho C
    Maths C
    Physics C
    Biology B
    I would like to know if I can have a direct entry or I have to apply for A level or THERE is pre-entry course.
    Asante Sana


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