Kenyatta University School Of Business Doctorate Courses

Kenyatta University School Of Business Doctorate Courses

Kenyatta University School Of Business Doctorate Courses – Check Below:

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Programme in Business

The Programme Structure and Duration
The Programme shall take a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years for fulltime students. The Programme shall take a minimum of four years and maximum of eight years for part time students.
The Programme consists of a total of seventeen (17) units comprising of nine (9) course work units and thesis (8 units). Students will take a maximum of three (3) and minimum of two (2) coursework units per semester. Students shall embark on the thesis upon completion of the coursework.
Examination Regulations
The seminar paper shall be examined by presentation(s), assignment(s), term paper(s) and final examination.
The independent study paper shall be marked out of 100%.The pass mark for each course shall be fifty percent (50%). The final examination shall account for 60% of the marks in the each taught unit while continuous assessment shall account for the remaining 40%.A candidate who fails in any course shall be allowed to sit for a supplementary. A candidate who fails in a supplementary examination shall be discontinued. A candidate who fails in all the units offered in a semester shall be discontinued.
Unit Codes and Titles
Year One
SN Unit Codes and Titles
1. BMS 900: Statistics for Business I
2 BMS 901: Business Research Methods
3 BMS 902: Statistics for Business II
4 BMS 919: Data Analysis and Measurement
5 BBA 920: Economic Analysis for Business Decisions
6. BSU900: Thesis
Accounting Option (Required)
1 BAC 900: Accounting theory
2 BAC 902: Theory of taxation
3 BAC 903: Accounting Seminar
4 BAC 904: Independent Study in Accounting
Finance Option (Required)
1 BAC 901: Empirical Finance
2 BAC 905: Theory of Finance
3 BAC 906: Finance Seminar
4 BAC 907: Independent Study in Finance
Marketing Option (Required)
1 BBA 921: Consumer Behaviour
2 BBA 922: Marketing Theory
3 BBA 929: Marketing Seminar
4 BBA 930: Independent Study in Marketing
Human Resource Management Option (Required)
1 BBA 923: Human Resource Development
2 BBA 924: Organizational Theory and Behaviour
3 BBA 931: Human Resource Manager Seminar
4 BBA 932: Independent Study in Human Resource Management
Strategic Management Option (Required)
1 BBA 925: Global Business Strategies
2 BBA 926: Theoretical Foundations of Strategic Management
3 BBA 933: Strategic Management Seminar
4 BBA 934: Independent Study in Strategic Management
Entrepreneurship Option (Required)
1 BBA 927: Entrepreneurship and Business Development
2 BBA 928: Planning for Growth in Entrepreneurship
3 BBA 935: Entrepreneurship Seminar
4 BBA 936: Independent Study in Entrepreneurship
Management Science Option
1 BMS 903: Decision Models & Analysis
2 BMS 907: Advanced Operations Management
3 BMS 908: Seminar in Management Science
4 BMS 909: Independent Study in Management Science
Management Information Systems Option
1 BMS 905: Strategic Information Systems
2 BMS 913: Advanced Topics in Information Systems
3 BMS 914: Seminar in Management Information Systems
4 BMS 915: Independent Study in Information Systems
Project Management Option
1 BMS 906: Project Economic Analysis
2 BMS 916: Theoretical Foundations of Project Management
3 BMS 917: Seminar in Project Management
4 BMS 918: Independent Study in Project Management
Actuarial Science and Insurance Option
1 BMS 904: Stochastic Analysis of Insurance Portfolios
2 BMS 810: Advanced Actuarial Science Models
3 BMS 911: Seminar in Actuarial Science & Insurance
4 BMS 912: Independent Study in Actuarial Science & Insurance
Year Two (Core)
BSU900: Thesis
Year Three (Core)
BSU900: Thesis

Tuituion Fees : 200,000.00
Statutory Fees: 32,800.00
Fee per Annum : 232,800.00


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