Kenyatta University Virtual Learning Courses

Kenyatta University Virtual Learning Courses

Kenyatta University Virtual Learning Courses – Check Below:

Diploma in Public Relations
Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education

Diploma in Public Relations
Certificate in Community Interpreting

Diploma in Disaster Management
Diploma in Security Management & Police Studies
Diploma in Crime Management and Prevention

Diploma (Tourism Management)
Bachelor of Science (Tourism Management)

Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation
Certificate in Project Management
Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation

Diploma in Project Management

Diploma in Information Technology


Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Bachelor of Education (Library Science)
Bachelor of Science ( Records Management and Information Technology)

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education)
Bachelor of Education (Arts)

Bachelor of Education (Science)
Bachelor of Education in Home Economics
B.Ed Home Economics – Fashion Design and Marketing

Bachelor of Education- Business Studies
B.ED in Educational Communication Technology
B. ED in Environmental Education

B. Education Foundation
B.ED in Educational Psychology
B. Ed (Arts): Educational Management, Policy & Curriculum

B. Ed (Science) Educational Management, policy & curriculum
B.ED in Kiswahili, History, Geography, Literature, Foreign languages, English and Linguistics, Philosophy and religious studies
B.Sc in chemistry, Physics, Zoological Sciences, Plant sciences, Mathematics

B.Ed in Chemistry, Physics, zoological Sciences, Plants Sciences

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Security Management & Police Studies
Bachelor of Public Policy and Administration (BPPA)

B. Arts Economics
BA in History, Geography, Literature, English and Linguistics, Gender and development studies, Philosophy and religious studies, Sociology, Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Security Management and Policing Studies

Bachelor of Commerce.
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)-Accounting Option
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)-Finance Option

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) -Marketing Option
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)-Human Resource Management Option
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) -Management Science Option

Bachelor of Commerce: Procurement and Supply Chain Management Option (B.Com)

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management and Trade)
Bachelor of Science (Crop Improvement & Protection)
Bachelor of Science (Crop Science)


Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication (JMC)
Master of Education in Early Childhood Education
Master of Library and Information Science, Master of Science (Records Management and Archives Administration)

Master of library & information science
Postgraduate Diploma in educational management, policy & curriculum
M.Sc. (Records management & archives (administration)

M.Sc. (Knowledge Management)
Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling
Masters of Education (Administration)

Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
Post graduate Diploma in education (PGDE)

Master of Science in: Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM)
Master of Science in: Animal Nutrition & Management
Master of Science in: Dryland Agriculture and Enterprise Development

Master of Science in: Land and Water Management
Master of Science in: Agronomy Plant Breeding
Master of Science Animal Nutrition and Management

Master of Science Dry land Agriculture
M .Sc. Agronomy
M.Sc. Plant Breeding

M. Sc. Crop Protection (Plant Pathology Option)
M. Sc. Crop Protection (Entomology Option)
M. Sc. Seed Technology And Trade

Master of Arts in Kiswahili
Masters in Kiswahili
Master of Science Climatology

Master of Arts Urban and Regional Planning
Master of Arts. Population and Settlement
Master of Science Biogeography

Master of Science Geomorphology
Master of Arts in Public Policy Administration
MSc. Security Strategic Studies

Master of Science (Physical and Health Education)
Master of Science (Exercise and Sports Science), Master of Science (Recreation and Sport Management)
Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Administration and Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Marketing Option
Master of Business Administration (MBA) -Human Resource Management Option

Master of Business Administration (MBA) –Entrepreneurship
Master of Business Administration (MBA) -Strategic Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA) –Finance

Master of Business Administration (MBA) -Project Management Option
Master of Business Administration (MBA) -Management Information

Master of Science in Hospitality Management
Master of Science in Tourism Management
Postgraduate Diploma in hospitality and tourism management


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