Kiriri Women’s University Courses Offered

Kiriri Women’s University Courses Offered

Kiriri Women’s University Courses Offered | See the list of programmes offered at Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology.

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Kiriri Women’s University (KWUST) Degree Courses

Through this course KWUST aims to produce graduates with a broad interest in all commercial activities and who will build upon knowledge of the functional, environmental, behavioural, economic and legal aspects of business and provide analytical and conceptual tools for analysing and solving problems. The programme is designed to create a self-directed graduate who will understand the particular challenges women face in the dynamic and multicultural workplace. The graduate will, therefore, enter the job market confident that she knows herself and her skills well enough to compete and be competent to be a leader – in whatever area of operation she may choose.

The demand for Computer Science/Information Technology specialists continues to grow worldwide as the use of modern technology increases at all levels of society. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science aims to develop a student to be versatile and competent in all aspects of computer systems and applications including:

  • Products and networks
  • Process and data analysis techniques
  • Software applications
  • Software engineering

Mathematics is recognised as an indispensable tool in advanced study and application in various scientific and technological disciplines. Certain specialisations such as Statistics and Actuarial Sciences experience dire shortages due to lack of qualified mathematicians. There are virtually no women in these specialisations in Kenya.The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree programme at KWUST aims at encouraging women to take up careers in this field. Recognising the importance of information technology in modern society, the programme also includes significant coverage of basic courses in computer and information technology. Kiriri Women’s University Courses Offered

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Kiriri Women’s University (KWUST) Diploma Courses

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Business Information Technology


Diploma In Sales And Marketing (DSA)

Diploma In Procurement And Supplies Management (DPS)

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Diploma In Human Resources Management (DHR)

Diploma In Public Relations Management (DPR)

Diploma In International Business Management (DIB)

Diploma In Banking And Finance (DBF)

Kiriri Women’s University (KWUST) Certificate Courses

Kiriri Women’s University (KWUST) Pre University Courses

Kiriri Women’s University (KWUST) New Courses