KMTC Department of Health Education and Promotion

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KMTC Department of Health Education and Promotion

KMTC Department of Health Education and Promotion – Details:

About KMTC Department of Health Education and Promotion

Health promotion has increasingly gained prominence internationally since the declaration of Ottawa Charter in 1986. The charter defined health promotion as “a process of enabling people to increase control of their health and health determinants”. The evidence of its effectiveness continues to re-energize the clamor for Kenya to build health promotion capacity.
At the department of Health Education and Promotion, we train students to promote health and prevent diseases by knowledge and skills development, mitigation of competing interests and health advocacy. The constitution of Kenya encourages a shift towards a more promotive and preventive health care system in a bid to reduce costs that individuals, employers, families and the nation would otherwise incur in pursuit of curative services.
Come and train as a Health Promotion practitioner in an institution that has been accredited and continues to produce competent world class health care personnel.

KMTC Department of Health Education and Promotion Information

Level of Training
Academic programme
Course Duration
Campus where course is     offered
Minimum Entry Requirement
Diploma Diploma in Health Education and Promotion 3years Nairobi, Mosoriot, Lodwar C in English or Kiswahili and Biology or Biological SciencesC in any one of the following: Mathematics, Physics/Physical Science, Chemistry
Higher Diploma Higher Diploma in Health Education and Promotion 1 year Nairobi ( Full time/Part time) Diploma in any one of the Health Care Professions from KMTC or from other accredited institutions

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