KMTC Department of Medical Education

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KMTC Department of Medical Education

KMTC Department of Medical Education – Details:

About KMTC Department of Medical Education

KMTC’s department of medical education has been in operation since 1979 when the Ministry of Health realized the need for medical educators. The only department whose students are KMTC lecturers, the department is based at KMTC Nairobi.
At the department, we train teachers to competently train students in all health related subjects. Having done this since 1979, you can be assured that we are up to the task of training
This is the only department whose students are the KMTC lecturers, it trains them on how to apply the competencies gained to innovatively teach the curricula and mentor students.
The Ministry of health in 1979 realized the need for trained medical educators at training institutions and established the faculty of medical education at KMTC to train health professionals to become teachers in their fields of specialization.
The objective of the department is to develop medical educators who can effectively plan teaching programs, teach, manage, conduct research and develop health learning materials in health training institutions.

KMTC Department of Medical Education Information

Level of Training
Academic Programme
Course Duration
Campus where course is offered
Entry Requirements
Higher Diploma Higher Diploma in Medical Education 1 yearMarch 2018
September 2018
Nairobi (DistanceLearning)
Nairobi (Full time)
Diploma in any one of the Health CareProfessions

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