KMTC Department of Orthopaedic Technology

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KMTC Department of Orthopaedic Technology

KMTC Department of Orthopaedic Technology – Details:

About KMTC Department of Orthopaedic Technology

This department was started in 1972 at the Kenya Medical training College (the then Medical training centre) in 1972.The purpose of starting these programmes is still to train competent orthopaedic technologist who would assess, diagnose, design, make, fit various orthopaedic assistive devices .These devices are prostheses (that is artificial limbs to replace missing body limbs) and orthoses (used to correct physical deformities or support weak parts of the body)
These devices improve wellness to enable the affected individuals carry out activities of daily living through intensive rehabilitation
Training is conducted to address these needs at community, tertiary and national level after three years training at Diploma level. We embrace critical thinking in learning approaches, practice and find solutions action based researches
The department bench marks with international institutions that offer orthopaedic technology (Orthotics and prosthetics) or equivalent programmes to improve on quality to meet market demands of persons with physically disabilities
The lecturers are up to the tasks and the department is initiating higher Diploma and degree programmes in the near future.

KMTC Department of Orthopaedic Technology Information

Level of Training
Academic Programme
Course Duration
Campus where course is offered
Minimum Entry Requirements
Diploma Diplomain Orthopaedic Plaster technology 3 years Nairobi
•C In English or Kiswahili, and  Biology and Physics/Physical Science, or Mathematics• C- in any one of the following: Physics/Physical Science, Mathematics,Chemistry, Woodwork, Metal work, Technical Drawing

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