KNEC Financial Accounting Past Papers 2023

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KNEC Financial Accounting Past Papers 2023-2024

KNEC Financial Accounting Past Papers – Details:

The Bookshop

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) Bookshop was established in 1992 to offer feedback examinations reports, questions and marking schemes. In performing this mandate, KNEC seeks to ensure that all its stakeholders are well guided and informed on KNEC publications.
KNEC Bookshop is located at the ground floor of National Housing Corporation (NHC) Aga khan walk on Harambee Avenue. The KNEC Bookshop offers KNEC publications for sale to schools, students and candidates, education researchers and the public.
Mainly the products range from School, Post school and Teacher examination publications.
1. School Examinations include;
1.1 KCSE past papers
1.2 KCSE questions and marking schemes
1.3 KCSE feedback reports
1.4 KCSE examination syllabus
1.5 KCPE past papers
1.6 KCPE questions and answers booklet (The 2019 edition now available for 350/-)
1.7 KCPE feedback reports

  • KCPE Report 2019 -1000/=
  • KCSE Report 2019 Vol 1 – 400/=
  • KCSE Report 2019 Vol 2 – 700/=
  • KCSE Report 2019 Vol 3 – 400/=
  • KCSE Report 2019 Vol 4 – 700/=
  • KCSE Question and Answers 2019 – 2000/=


1.KNEC exam timetable

2.KNEC verification form

3.KNEC online registration

2. Business and Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) offers past revision papers for the following courses:-
2.1 Artisan Certificate Examinations
2.2 Craft Certificate Examinations
2.3 Diploma Certificate Examinations
2.4 Higher Diploma Certificate Examinations
2.5 TVET regulations
3. Teacher Education Examination
3.1 Past papers for DTE, ECDE, PTE and SNE
3.2 Teacher Education Regulations
The 2018 KCPE and KCSE feedback reports are now available at the Bookshop.
Dear Customer feel free to give us your opinion on how we can continuously improve on our service delivery to you.


NO.                           DESCRIPTION                                      UNIT PRICE(KSHS)

1                                 PAST PAPER                                               20.00
2                       KCPE FEEDBACK REPORT 2020                   1000.00
3                       KCPE FEEDBACK REPORT 2019                   1000.00
4                       KCPE FEEDBACK REPORT 2018                   1000.00
5                       KCPE FEEDBACK REPORT 2017                     1000.00
6                       KCPE FEEDBACK REPORT 2016                    1000.00
7                       KCPE FEEDBACK REPORT 2015                     860.00
8                       KCPE FEEDBACK REPORT 2013                    760.00
9                       KCPE FEEDBACK REPORT 2011                    760.00
10                     KCSE Q.P M/SCHEME 2011                            2,270.00
11                      KCPE B00KLET 2020                                      400.00
12                      KCPE B00KLET 2019                                       350.00
13                      KCPE B00KLET 2012                                       340.00
14                      KCPE B00KLET 2011                                       340.00
15                      ECDE REGULATIONS                                     350.00
16                      SNE REGULATIONS                                        350.00
17                      TEP REGULATIONS                                         350.00
18                     TIVET REGULATION B/ TECH                      350.00
19                      KCSE Q.P & M/SCHEME 2020                      2000.00
20                     KCSE Q.P & M/SCHEME 2019                       2000.00
21                      KCSE Q.P & M/SCHEME 2017                       1500.00
22                     KCSE Q.P & M/SCHEME 2014                        1800.00
23                      KCSE Q.P & M/SCHEME 2013                       1500.00
24                      KCSE Q.P & M/SCHEME 2012                       1500.00
25                      KCSE Q.P & M/SCHEME 2011                        2,270.00
26                      KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT 2011                   2,560.00
27                      KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT 2012 VOL         1 240.00
28                      KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT 2012 VOL          2 700.00
29                      KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT 2012 VOL          3 350.00

KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT 2012 VOL 4       740.00

17                      KCSE REPORT VOL I 2013                               240.00
18                      KCSE REPORT VOL II 2013                             700.00
19                      KCSEREPORT VOL IV 2013                             470.00
20                      KCSE REPORT VOL III 2013                           350.00
22                      KCSE Q&A 2013                                                   1500.00
23                      KCSE REPORT VOL II 2014                             1200.00
24                      KCSE REPORT VOL I 2014                              700.00
25                       KCSE REPORT VOL III 2014                          710.00
26                       KCSEREPORT VOL IV 2014                            1100.00
27                       KCSE REPORT V I 2015                                    700.00
28                       KCSE REPORT V II 2015                                  1200.00
29                       KCSE REPORT V III 2015                                 710.00
33                       KNEC MATHS TABLE 6TH EDITION           525.00
35                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL1 2017         600.00
36                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL                    2 2017 700.00
37                        KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL  3 2017      700.00
38                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 4 2017       700.00
39                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 1 2018        600.00
40                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 2 2018        700.00
41                        KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 3 2018       700.00
42                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 4 2018        700.00
43                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 1 2019         400.00
44                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 2 2019         700.00
45                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 3 2019         400.00
46                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 4 2019         700.00
47                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 1 2020        550.00
48                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 2 2020        1000.00
49                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 3 2020         550.00
50                       KCSE FEEDBACK REPORT VOL 4 2020         1600.00



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Our Business & Technical Examinations

The Business and Technical Examinations are categorized under Post School examinations. These are professional examinations offered to candidates who have completed primary and/or secondary school education. The examinations are offered twice a year during the months of July and November. All courses are offered in both series.

Categories of examinations in Business Technical examinations.

  1. i) Single and Group – this is an examination where candidates can sit for single papers and obtain a certificate. After completion of the course, the certificates are combined into three levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced. With the advanced certificate, candidates can proceed to Higher Diploma or Degree level of education.
  2. ii) Artisan– these level places emphasis on acquisition/mastery of practical skills. Candidates are awarded after passing practical examinations. The levels are:
  • Certificate courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Higher Diploma courses

Those who successfully complete any of the above courses can proceed to the next stage or join the job market. Holders of Diploma certificates can proceed to pursue Degree courses.

More information on Business and Technical examinations can be found in the Regulations for the TVET craft and diploma Business/Technical Examinations.

Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Courses

The following levels of Technical Education Examinations are offered by the KNEC:-
i) Artisan Certificate Examinations.
ii) Craft Certificate Examinations.
iii) Diploma Certificate Examinations.
iv) Higher Diploma Certificate Examinations.

Candidates can sit these examinations under the Modular and Non- Modular curriculum. In modular curriculum, the Craft certificate examinations has two modules; I and module II, Diploma level has three modules; module I, module II and module III and Higher Diploma level has two modules; module I and module II.
Candidates must take all the examinations papers of the module at one sitting except for the referred candidates.

Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination is an examination that is offered after four year cycle in secondary education. The examination is normally offered in November/December each year. It is open to all bona fide residents of Kenya who meet the examination requirements as stipulated by KNEC.

Holders of KCSE certificate may proceed to tertiary institutions to pursue degree, diploma, craft, and certificate and artisan courses.

Registration of Candidates

Registration of candidates for the KNEC examinations is based on the Regulations and Syllabuses for specific examination which give the guidelines and procedures required for the registration of candidates.
After all the information for the candidates has been keyed online, heads of institutions/schools MUST re-check the online report thoroughly to ensure that it is accurate. The head institution must then download the list of candidates, sign and stamp on the space provided and indicate all other details required in the nominal roll after verification.
The Ministry of Education will remit examination fees for all KCPE and KCSE candidates for both private and public schools. However the following candidates will be required to pay examination fees:-

    • KCPE and KCSE private candidates
    • Candidate in prisons
    • Teacher Education candidates
    • Business and Technical examinations candidates

The Registration of the mentioned KNEC examinations is done online.

Registration Of Candidates with Special Needs

The Kenya National Examinations Council has categorized the candidates with special needs as follows:-

      • Visually impaired – low vision and blind candidates
      • Hearing impaired candidates
      • Physically challenged candidates
      • Mentally Challenged candidates

Information on the above candidates giving details of index number, subjects and degree of impairment must be captured during registration.Depending on the degree of impairment, the Council will facilitate the candidates appropriately upon receipt of supporting evidence from competent medical authority.

For Candidate Registration visit click the button below:


All Examination fees must be paid through any of the following banks:-

  1. Co-operative Bank.
  2. National Bank of Kenya.
  3. Equity Bank.
  4. Kenya Commercial Bank.

A candidate is considered duly registered after fulfilling the following:

  1. Candidate’s details are successfully uploaded onto the registration platform for the specific examination.
  2. The subjects are duly selected as per subject cluster as stipulated in the regulations governing the specific examination.
  3. Payment of fees where applicable (examination fees is not refundable or transferable to another candidate nor to another year)
  4. Submission of all the candidates’ registration materials to KNEC

Registration of examination centres

Any new institution wishing to register candidates for KNEC examinations must fulfill the following:-

    1. Submit a valid registration certificate from the Ministry of Education; in case of school (KCPE & KCSE) and Teacher Education examinations.
    2. Business and Technical examination centres should submit a report from Technical, Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).
    3. Complete and submit an application form for registration of a new examination centre which is available on KNEC website
    4. Submit a questionnaire duly filled by the Sub-County Director of Education or the Kenya National Examinations Council after inspection of the centre. This must be accompanied by a report giving recommendations on the status of the institution;
      (The application must reach KNEC a year before registration of the candidates).
    5. When an examination centre relocates to a new premise it is required to apply to KNEC for re-inspection

The Council reserves the right to combine examination centres for purposes of ease of administration of examinations and for security reasons.

Brief Summary OF Registration Of Examination Centres

The minimum candidature that an examination centre is allowed to present for the various examinations is:-

    • KCPE and KCSE – fifteen (15) candidates.
    • Business, Technical and Teacher Education – ten (10) candidates.
    • Foreign Examinations – fifteen (15) candidates.

Examination centres presenting fewer candidates than the required minimum are not recognized as examination centres and should  be hosted by other examination centres.
Prisons and institutions presenting candidates with special needs are exempted from the above rule.

All examination centres are expected to log onto the KNEC Registration portal for specific examination and enter the candidates’ details using the school/centre registration password.


Release of Results Slips