Laikipia University Accommodation

Laikipia University Accommodation

Laikipia University Accommodation | See the details of the list of Hostels made available for fresh men and stale students within Laikipia University campus.

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The major purpose of the Halls Department’s is to accommodate registered students of Laikipia University into available accommodation spaces.

Since there are limited accommodation spaces within the University, booking of rooms is done online on first come first-serve basis.

There are different hostels structured for both male and female students all having basic and essential ammenities.

The basic ammenities ensure that students carry only personal bedding, clothing and toiletries. The hostels are managed by skilled staff with years of experience and training who essentially take care of the students welfare and security in their Halls of Residence.

The hostels are available to students on a first come first served basis at a stipulated fee.
Although there are limited spaces within the university premises, there are alternative hostels recommended by the University within the neighborhood that are within walking distance, secure, have hot water, electricity and other basic ammenities. The University therefore recommends alternative accommodation to students who fail to get accommodation on campus.

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Residential students are not allowed to cook inside the halls of residence. There is a procedure for needy students to access the kitchenette.

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