Laikipia University Department of Economics

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Laikipia University Department of Economics

Laikipia University Department of Economics – See details below…

Overview of Laikipia University Department of Economics

Apart from being the mother of all the social sciences and management, economics is the subject that comes closest to the understanding of the practical life of humans. The growth and power of the economies of the world may be explained and would also depend on the intellect of the economists. Hence economists have the privilege in their hands in shaping the future of the world.

Economic activities have been a major concern of human beings, from the time of their evolution. Economics is a dynamic science. In the past few decades GDP growth in developing countries has taken place largely due to innovation and technology. New and latest methods of production, consumption and distribution law can be brought to limelight thereby economically strengthening the nation at large.

Department overview

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Established in 2013, the Department of Economics is one of the youngest and vibrant departments in Laikipia University. Currently the department, under the leadership of Patrick Asango Okanga, Chair of the Department, along with four accomplished faculty members and part-time staff, offer a wide array of undergraduate programmes and courses. To promote the holistic development of the students and to sustain the academic creativity and inventiveness of the faculty the department engages in numerous workshops, seminars, industrial interfaces, faculty development programmes and many such Endeavours.


Establish an identity as a department of high standard in teaching and research in Economics.


Equip students with advanced knowledge and skill sets to address real world economic problems and undertake cutting edge research on contemporary economic issues.


Laikipia University Department of Economics Courses Offered

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology and Economics
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History and Economics
  • Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Economics and Statistics
  • Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Agricultural Economics

Making economics your choice

The undergraduate courses in economics are structured to contribute to the student’s liberal education with a multiplicity of combinations. The programmes impart analytical skills and intellectual maturity to comprehend the complexities in the working of the economy.

The course provides a sound theoretical basis in economic theory supplemented by practical applications of theories. The first four semesters are devoted to give a firm background in microeconomics, macroeconomics, development economics & international economics. In the fifth and sixth semesters, the students take elective courses for further understanding of the subject. They have elective courses in the final year encompassing two options each semester. The elective courses offered by the departments of mathematics, computer science and sociology.

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