Laikipia University Ranking 2021

Laikipia University Ranking 2021/2022

Laikipia University Ranking 2021/2022 | See the list of Universities in Kenya and their positions in the world ranking charts. See details of Laikipia University Ranking 2021/2022 below…

A recent global ranking of the Best Universities in Kenya 2021/2022 has just been released, and the result is very much distinct from what we have seen in the previous year. It does appear that some Universities that didn’t do well in the past years have tried their best to ensure that they climb up the ladder to be ranked among the best. In the world ranking, these Kenyan Universities made the list.

World Ranking

1. University of Nairobi (World rank: 874)

2. Egerton University (World rank: 1686)

3. Kenyatta University (World rank: 1707)

4. Moi University (World rank: 1855)

5. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (World rank: 2629)

6. Maseno University (World rank: 3771)

7. Strathmore University Nairobi (World rank: 4539)

8.  South Eastern Kenya University (World rank: 5273)

9.  Catholic University of Eastern Africa (World rank: 5878)

10. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (World rank: 5940)

11. Kenya Coast National Polytechnic (World Rank: 6361)

12. United States International University (World rank: 6421)

13. Mount Kenya University (World rank: 87104)

14. Daystar University (World rank: 7485)

15. Technical University of Kenya (World rank: 7561)

16. Kenya Medical Training College (World rank: 8045)

17. Kenya Methodist University (World rank: 8146)

18. Pwani University College (World rank: 9394)

19. African Virtual University (World rank: 9659)

20. Kenia Institute of Management (World rank: 9688)

21.Technical University of Mombasa (World rank: 9803)

22. University of Eastern Africa Baraton (World rank: 10353)

23. Eldoret University (World rank: 10562)

24. Masai Mara University (World rank: 10809)

25. Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (World rank: 10865)

26. Saint Paul’s University Limuru (World rank: 11197)

27. Murang’a University College (World rank: 11344)

28. Kabarak University (World rank: 11386)

29. KCA University (World rank: 11578)

30. Embu University College (World rank: 11605)

World Ranking

31. Meru University of Science and Technology (World rank: 11695)

32. Michuki Technical University Muranga (World rank: 11838)

33. Kenya Forestry Research Institute (World Rank: 12174)

34. Africa Nazarene University (World rank: 12537)

35. Karatina University College (World rank: 12559)

36. East Africa School Of Aviation Embakasi Nairobi (World Rank: 12691)

37. Pan Africa Christian University (World rank: 12691)

38. Amani College (World Ranking: 13259)

39. Chuka University (World rank: 13394)

40. Zetech University (World rank: 13626)

41. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (Bondo University College) (World rank: 14121)

42. Laikipia University College (World rank: 14352)

43. Machakos University College (World rank: 14522)

44. Kenya School Of Government (World Rank: 14632)

45. University of Kabianga (World Rank: 14749)

46. Riara University (World rank: 14777)

47. Multimedia University College of Kenya (World rank: 14880)

48. Co-operative University College of Kenya (World rank: 15554)

49. Railway Training Institute (World Ranking: 16070)

50. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (World rank: 16150)

51. Africa International University (World rank: 16815)

52. Taita Taveta University College (World rank: 17196)

53. Hi Tech Institute Of Professional Studies, Mombasa (CBD), (World Ranking: 17246)

54. Management University of Africa (World Rank: 17313)

55. Scot Christian University (World Rank: 17504)

56. Great Lakes University of Kisumu (World rank: 17570)

57: Adventist University of Africa (World rank: 17640)

World Ranking

58: Star College Of Management Science Nairobi (World Rank: 18127)

59. Kenya School Of Monetary Studies (World Rank: 18390)

60. Kenya Utali College (World Rank: 18609)

61. Tangaza College (World rank: 18813)

62. Rift Valley Technical Training Institute Eldoret (World Rank: 19629)

63. Presbyterian University Of East Africa (World Rank: 19977)

64. Gretsa University (World Rank: 20110)

65. Umma University (World Rank: 20156)

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List Of Public Universities

University of Nairobi

Moi University

Kenyatta University

Egerton University

Maseno University

Multimedia University of Kenya

Meru University of Science and Technology

Muranga University of Technology

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Technical University Of Mombasa TUM Karibu

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

Chuka University

Laikipia University

Machakos University

Kirinyaga University

Karatina University

South Eastern Kenya University

University of Kabianga

University Of Eldoret

Quick links:

List Of Private universities

United States International University Africa (USIU – Africa)

Mount Kenya University (MKU)

Uzima University College

Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)

University of Eastern Africa Baraton (UEAB)

Daystar University

Africa Nazarene University

Scott Christian University

Kabarak University

KAG East University

Strathmore University

Zetech University

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology

Pan Africa Christian University

Kenya Methodist University

Adventist University of Africa

Gretsa University

Great Lakes University of Kisumu

Presbyterian University of East Africa

St. Paul’s University

KCA University

Africa International University

Riara University

Management University of Africa

Amref International University (AMIU)

KUCCPS Student Portal : KUCCPS Application Portal

List Of Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institutions

Africa Digital Media Institute

AirSwiss International College

Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology 

Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology (KIHBT)- Nairobi

Adept College of Professional Studies – Nakuru

African Institute of Research and Development Studies, Bandari College

Baraton Teachers’ Training College – Nandi Central Kapsabet

Cascade Institute of Hospitality – Thika

Eldoret Polytechnic – Eldoret

Emma Daniel Arts Training Institute (EDATI)

Gusii Institute of Technology

Kisii National Polytechnic

Harvard Institute of Development Studies

ICT Fire and Rescue – Thika

International Centre of Technology (ICT-Thika)

Intraglobal Training Institute

Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies

Kabete National Polytechnic

Kagumo Teachers Training College

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute

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