Maseno University School Of Medicine

Maseno University School Of Medicine

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About Maseno University School Of Medicine

The School of Medicine, located at the main Campus in Siriba, is accredited by the Medical Practitioners & Dentists Board. Its mandate is to train and produce health professionals and contribute to bridging the growing demand for medical practitioners in Kenya. The School admitted its pioneer students of the MBChB training programmein January 2012, and has now attained a full cycle of the programme, with an average of 60 students per year.
Pre-clinical teaching occurs at our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities situated in Siriba part of the main campus while clinical clerkships are undertaken in Kisumu, at JaramogiOgingaOdinga Teaching & Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) and Kisumu County Referral Hospital.
To be a medical school of excellence in the training of health professionals capable of addressing national and global health needs.
To produce healthprofessionals equipped with adequate knowledge, skills, professional attitudes and competencies in health care delivery, research and innovation.


 Quality training of health care professionals in the context of future professional practice in hospital and community settings with emphasis on delivery of health care services, research and innovation.

Core Values:

1 Respect for human life and dignity
2 Commitment to excellence and service delivery
3 Practice of knowledge-led and evidence-based medicine
4 Integrity, respect and professionalism
5 Creativity and innovation
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Maseno University School Of Medicine Programmes

1. Undergraduate:
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) with IT
Bachelor of Science in Nursing with IT
2. Postgraduate:
Master of Medicine (MMed), in Family & Emergency Medicine
Master fo Medicine (MMed), in General surgery
Master of Science (MSc) in Medical Physiology
1.Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery with IT
MBChB is a 6-year degree programme which provides quality training of medical students and produces graduates with adequate knowledge, attitude and competency in clinical care, health services management and medical research.
Admission Requirements:
a) Mean Grade of B+, with B in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics, and English or Kiswahili in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.
b) Three principal passes in Biology and Chemistry and either Physics or Mathematics at Advanced (A) level of Education.
c) Diploma in Clinical Medicine from a recognized Medical Training Institution and registered as a Clinical Officer.
2.BSc Nursing with IT
This is a 4-year degree programme which produces graduate nurses who are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to provide care and support to patients in Kenya and beyond.
Admission requirements:
a) Grade of C+, with C+ in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics, and English or Kiswahili in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.
b) Diploma in Nursing from Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) or any other training institution recognized by the University Senate
3.MMed in Family & Emergency Medicine
This 4-year postgraduate programme trains and produces a unique medical specialist with advanced knowledge, skills and competency in clinical care over a wide range of patient conditions, not limited by age, gender, and organ system nor disease entity, with special emphasis on emergency preparedness and care of acute cases.
Admission requirements:
a) MB.ChB, MBBS, MD or equivalent medical degree from institutions recognized by the University Senate, and have worked for at least two (2) years after internship.
b) Registered or registerable as a medical practitioner by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board.
4. MMed in General surgery
This 5-year postgraduate programme aimed at producing a medical specialist with advanced knowledge, skills and competency in surgical care over a wide range of patient conditions, not limited by age, gender, and organ system nor disease entity.
Admission requirements:
MB.ChB, MBBS, MD or equivalent medical degree from institutions recognised by the University Senate, and have worked for at least two (2) years after internship.
Registered or registerable as a medical practitioner by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board.
Possess valid medical indemnity.
5. MSc in Medical Physiology
This programme is designed to enhance the skills of those who use the knowledge of human body organs and cell functions in their profession to deliver clinical services, teach and conduct research. The programme, offered over a period of 4 years, equips students with advanced knowledge of human body functioning and an understanding of the body physiology at molecular, organ and system levels, and is intended to improve their academic, research and clinical practice.
Admission requirements:
a) MB.ChB, MBBS or MD; BDS; BPham; BVM; BSc in Zoology, Biomedical Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Environmental Health, Nursing, Clinical Medicine and any other health-related degrees recognized by the University Senate.
b) At least 2 years of work or research experience.
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Maseno University School Of Medicine Departments

The School has 14 departments offering integrated teaching of various courses of the programmes:

    • Department of Human Anatomy
    • Department of Medical Physiology
    • Department of Medical Microbiology
    • Department of Medical Biochemistry
    • Department of Pathology
    • Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
    • Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
    • Department of Pharmacology
    • Department of Psychiatry
    • Department of Radiology
    • Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology
    • Department of Internal Medicine
    • Department of Paediatrics and Child Health


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  1. Daniel

    Hello…i just finished my 1 year internship training as a Clinical Officer and am aspiring to pursue BSc in Medicine and surgery…But the biggest problem is to raise the school fees…are there scholarships for those aspiring to Study Medicine and surgery in Kenya??

  2. Fanuel Lagat

    Good afternoon iam Fanuel Lagat and i got a mean grade of C-section in my KCSE, can i pursue nursing? Even if it means upgrading or starting from artisan

  3. Mosingi

    I’m a BSc. Nursing student and Maseno University SOM and SON have the best lectures. Dr. Wilson Okumu, prof Magak are the best, just to mention.

  4. Victoria Wanga

    I was admitted to maseno university after completing my high school last year,, I am asking if it’s possible to transfer and do bachelor of radiology,,

  5. Adelaide mmbone

    Hello would like to enquire if I can pursue degree in nursing with a mean grade of B-


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