Moi University College Of Health Sciences

Moi University College Of Health Sciences

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The College of Health Sciences, Moi University is located in Eldoret town next to and within the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. It was established as the first College campus of Moi University on 20th September 2011 during the inauguration of the first Principal. The establishment of the College of health Sciences is in line with the Moi university strategic plan of 2005-2015.
The College started as a Faculty of Health Sciences in 1989 and the first cohort of 40 students was admitted in 1990. The College has experienced phenomenal growth from its initial one faculty to a total of four Schools (Schools of Medicine, Public Health, Dentistry and Nursing). It has a student population of about 2,000 with a staff complement of over 500 of whom about 170 are academic staff.
The College offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs including doctorate degrees.
To be a center of excellence in training of health professionals nationally and internationally.
To produce quality healthcare professionals and provide healthcare services the address current and future challenges nationally and internationally.
The College of Health Sciences will undertake to;
1. Offer training and consultancy services.
2. Provide community extension services and outreach activities.
3. Develop innovative health professional education programs.
4. Provide curative, promotive and preventive healthcare services.
5. Establish and maintain linkages and collaborations.
6. Develop and provide quality diagnostic services.
7. Enhance research in conventional healthcare and alternative Medicine.
8. Promote the welfare of staff.
Core Function
1. Teaching and training
2. Provision of healthcare services and consultancy
3. Research and development
4. Development and provision of diagnostic services
5. Extension and community service.
The College of Health Sciences of Moi University is committed to providing quality education and healthcare services that meet the needs of its customers and stakeholders through quality and relevant teaching, research, community service and outreach. The College is committed to quality services and learning environment that is grounded in intellectual and academic freedom, teamwork, quest for excellence, professionalism, discipline and continuous improvement of its products and services so as to achieve customer satisfaction. To be able to realize this commitment, the College will continually review its products and services to conform to Quality Management Systems based on the ISO 9001-2008 Standards and other relevant standards.
1 Behavioral Science 10 Medical Physiology
2 Child Health and Pediatrics 11 Medicine
3 Family Medicine 12 Mental Health
4 Haematology and Blood Transfusion 13 Microbiology and Parasitology
5 Human Anatomy 14 Orthopedics and Rehabilitative Sciences
6 Human Pathology and Forensic Medicine 15 Pharmacology and Toxicology
7 Immunology 16 Radiology and Imaging
8 Medical Biochemistry 17 Reproductive health
9 Medical Education 18 Surgery and Anesthesiology


  1. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)
  2. Bachelor  of Science (Medical Psychology)
  3. Bachelor of Science (Physical Therapy)
  4. Bachelor of Science Medical Laboratory Science (BSc MLS)
  5. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  6. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Health)
  7. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  8. Master of Public Health in the following specializations:
    1. Epidemiology and Disease Control
    2. Health Services Management
    3. Health Promotion
    4. Disaster Risk Management
    5. Human Nutrition
  9. Master of Science in Nursing (Maternal and Neonatal Health)
  10. Master of Science Health Informatics

Moi University College Of Health Sciences CONTACT

P.O BOX 4606 30100
TEL 254532060958/9
254 (0)53-2033103-231
FAX 254532033041
254 (0)53-2033234


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