Moi University Thesis Format Guidelines

Moi University Thesis Format

Moi University Thesis Format Guidelines – Check Details Below:

Graduate Studies Research and Extension Committee




A thesis is a presentation of original research carried out by the author. The results and findings of thesis research may be of significance and in demand for many years after the thesis is written. It is important that the thesis be well presented and in a durable form.

Thesis presentation for examination should be in their final form, only awaiting binding. They are normally written in English. Requests for permission to write in some other language pertinent to the research can be granted upon justification to Senate, through Departmental or School Graduate Committees. It should indicate the availability of faculty members competent in the language and field, and who are willing to serve as supervisors and on the Examination Board. In these cases, the abstract, detailed summary and conclusion must be submitted with the thesis in English. Moi University Thesis Format Guidelines


Every scholarly field has its preferred citation style. This guide recommends the system devised by the American Psychological Association (APA) Referencing System.

Contents of the Thesis

Preceding the main contents of the thesis should be in the following sequential order:


i.Cover page

ii.Title page

iii.Signatory/Declaration page



vi.Table of Contents

vii.List of tables

viii.List of figures


2.Main body of the Thesis



1GSREC | Sub-Committee on Guidelines for Thesis Writing

Format of Thesis

All theses shall be typed in double spacing between lines on good quality paper (minimum 80 grams) of A4 size, and preferably in Microsoft Word New Times Roman font size 12.

Margins shall be of at least 35mm on the left-hand side, 25mm on the right hand side and on the top and bottom of each page. Tables and figures must also conform to these margin requirements even when headings are taken into account. Text and graphics are to be kept together on the same page.

Each figure and its captions should appear on the same page. This also applies to tables, though they may be continued on subsequent pages. Moi University Thesis Format Guidelines

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Long tables and maps that do not fit two pages shall normally be confined to the appendices.

Page numbers should appear on the top right hand corner.

Theses shall be submitted in the first instance for the examination loosely bound (e.g. spiral binding). Subsequent to the examination and final acceptance, theses shall be bound in boards, covered in green buckram. The bound copies shall be lettered in gold on the spine with the following information; “Surname of author and initials, degree and year” in that order. On the outside front cover of the bound theses shall appear the following information: “Title of thesis, full name of author, and year” in that order. Moi University Thesis Format Guidelines


1.Cover Title






On the Spine of Thesis:




2.Title Page



2GSREC | Sub-Committee on Guidelines for Thesis Writing

B.Sc., MPhil

A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy of the Department of Zoology, Moi University


3.Declaration Page

Declaration by the Candidate

This thesis is my original work and has not been presented for a degree in any other University. No part of this thesis may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the author and/or Moi University.

Mwangi wa Kamau ……………………………… Date:


Declaration by Supervisors

This thesis has been submitted for examination with our approval as University Supervisors.

Name of Supervisor ………………………………



(Name of University, Place, Country)

Name of Supervisor ………………………………



Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya


The author of the thesis may wish to dedicate the thesis to person(s) of his/her choice that may have inspired directly or indirectly to the accomplishment of the thesis.


The abstract should give a synopsis of the work carried out, the significant results obtained and the major conclusions of the thesis. The maximum length of the abstract should be 500 words in single space and normally unstructured.

Table of Contents

This indicates the pages in which the various chapters of the thesis as well as major subsections can be found.

List of Tables

3GSREC | Sub-Committee on Guidelines for Thesis Writing

This indicates the pages in which the various tables are to be found. The titles appearing here should be exactly the same as those in the text. The table number and its captions should be placed two spaces above the top line of the table.

List of Figures

This indicates the pages in which various figures are to be found in the main body of the thesis. The title appearing here should be exactly the same as the figure captions. The figure number and its caption should be placed two spaces below the last line or the bottom edge of the figure. All broadside material should be placed so that the top of the table is nearest to the binding. The placement of the table or figure either vertically or horizontally does not change the position of the page number.


Individuals and institutions that may have contributed to the execution of the work should be properly acknowledged.

Body of the Thesis

The detailed arrangement of this will vary form one field of research to another, although it would be expected that the thesis would contain:




Discussion (or interpretation of the results)

Summary (or conclusions)


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4GSREC | Sub-Committee on Guidelines for Thesis Writing

A Newspaper Article

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5GSREC | Sub-Committee on Guidelines for Thesis Writing

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6GSREC | Sub-Committee on Guidelines for Thesis Writing

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7GSREC | Sub-Committee on Guidelines for Thesis Writing

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Unpublished Thesis

Walaba, A. A. (1998). The Teaching of Christian Religious Education in

Kenyan Teachers’ Training Colleges and Secondary Schools from 1920 to 1989: A Historical Perspective. Unpublished D.Phil. Thesis. Eldoret: Moi University, School of Education. Moi University Thesis Format Guidelines

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8GSREC | Sub-Committee on Guidelines for Thesis Writing

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9GSREC | Sub-Committee on Guidelines for Thesis Writing


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