My institution details for Helb are not correct. How do I edit?

My institution details for Helb are not correct. How do I edit?

My institution details for Helb are not correct. How do I edit – Answer:

HELB Loan: My institution details for Helb are not correct. How do I edit

A: Go to my account on the HELB App then click on Institution, then click on edit.


Send all HELB Loan enquiries to any of the following contact details below and you will be responded to as soon as possible:


Head Office

HELB Subsequent 2023-2024

Type of Loan Application

There are two types of undergraduate loan applications:

  1. First Time Application-This is for applicants who are applying for the first time.
  2. Second & Subsequent Application-This is for applicants who are applying for the second, third, fourth time as per the program duration

Note: The number of loans one is eligible for depends on the program duration. For example, one is given loan 4 times for a 4-year program or 5 times for a 5-year programme

How to apply for a HELB Loan as a First Time Applicant:

  1. Visit our website to access the Student Portal and click on “create an account” to register.
  2. Once the account is created, log in and select the appropriate Undergraduate First Time Loan Application Form [LAF].
  3. Read the literature or view the videos on Financial Literacy and participate in the brief exercise online.
  4. Access and fill the loan application form.
  5. Print TWO copies of the duly filled Loan Application Form [Mandatory]
  6. Have the forms appropriately filled, signed, and stamped by the relevant authorities.
  7. Attach all the documents as per the checklist and present one copy of the duly filled Loan Application Form at:
    • Any of the following Huduma centers nearest to you: Bomet, Bungoma, Chuka, Eldoret, Embu, Garissa, Nairobi GPO, Kakamega, Kericho, Kilifi, Kisii, Kisumu, Kitale, Kitui, Lodwar, Machakos, Makueni, Meru, Migori, Mombasa, Murang’a, Nakuru, Nandi Narok, Nyeri, Taita Taveta, Thika and West Pokot for free and secure delivery; or
    • HELB Student Service Centre on Mezzanine 1, Anniversary Towers, University Way, Nairobi
  8. Retain a complete copy of the Loan Application Form [This is mandatory]


  1. Please ensure that you read, understand, and follow the instructions provided at the beginning of the online loan application process including reading and undertaking the HELB Financial Literacy Programme.
  2. It is recommended that students prudently manage their HELB loans once disbursed to cater for Tuition, books, stationery, accommodation, and subsistence.


  1. A copy of the Applicant’s national ID Card
  2. Copies of the parents’ National ID Cards/death certificate where the parent is deceased
  3. Copies of both guarantors’ National ID Card
  4. A copy of the applicant’s admission letter and KCSE result slip/certificate
  5. A copy of the applicant’s Bank ATM/Bank card (for Government sponsored students only)
  6. A copy of the applicant’s Smart Card from the institution
  7. One recent colored passport size photograph of the applicant.

How to apply on the HELB App as a second and Subsequent applicant

  1. Applicants should visit Google play store and download the HELB Mobile Application.
  2. Register your details (First name, Phone, Email Address, National ID and KRA PIN number) on the HELB App to generate a PIN which you will use to log in and accept the license agreement. Ensure that you use the Safaricom number that you use for Mpesa transactions and it should be registered in your name
  3. Read the mandatory Financial literacy notes and undertake a brief Question & Answer to appreciate the purpose of credit. Scroll down to view results then click “proceed”.
  4. Click on loans then select undergraduate loans to get the Undergraduate Subsequent Loan Application Form [LAF].
  5. Follow each step to fill in the required details and submit. A pop-up message will appear to show that you have successfully applied. The loan serial number will also be displayed

NB: You will be required to pay Kshs. 1 from your MPESA account during the application process to verify your telephone number.  Please note, the application is paperless hence no printing.

  1. Students that are not Safaricom subscribers will be directed to the Portal and apply using the application form, after which they will be required to print and submit the form to the HELB Student Service Centre on Mezzanine 1 Floor at Anniversary Towers


28 thoughts on “My institution details for Helb are not correct. How do I edit?

  1. Morgan Marimbi

    I used a wrong email address to register an account, how do i change to the right email address

  2. James

    I have installed a helb app but it’s now almost a week I have not got a verification code yet I entered my correct contact. Please help me.

  3. James

    My institutions details missing ,how will I fill those details,edit button isn’t working.


      I am KOECH DOMINIC KIBET ,I was applying for BOMET COUNTY HELB LOAN . Unfortunately, I mistakenly edited Muranga teachers training college instead of Muranga University of Technology,I am therefore seeking help.

  4. Aggrey Moriah eng'urat

    I received helb loan but my level of learning is not correct. so how can I rectify the problem?

  5. Simiyu Ezra

    My institutional details are not correct how can I change them because once I go to the app and try to update am told to send them via email have tried but no response up to today


    My institution details are Missing is it possible to update without having to contact them?

  7. Nicholus James

    Hello HELB, how can I change my institution details because I have already transferred to ot
    her institution.

  8. Lucu

    I can’t edit my institution details from my mobile app and l can finish my Subsequent loan appseclication cause my institution details are missing

  9. Dorcas mwelu

    My institute details are Missing and when I tire to update no response


    I mistakenly involved government sponsorship in my details of which i have not benefited from. Therefore i request amendment of the information to non beneficial as well as change of my KCB disbarment bank branch from Migori to Eldoret. Thank you as i look forward to your positive response.

  11. brian musicha

    I didn’t update my HELB details from a certificate course to a diploma because I was done with a certificate so am worried if HELB will disbus the money

  12. Anthony magati pius

    My institution form has some missing details,how can i get to edit them?


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