St. Paul’s University Accommodation

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St. Paul’s University Accommodation

St. Paul’s University Accommodation | St. Paul’s University Accommodation | St. Paul’s University Hostels

Accommodation & Welfare Of St. Paul’s University

There are 3 options of accommodation at SPU:

  • Living in University
  • Living at home and commuting
  • Arranging own accommodation off campus

Residents are provided with support to help them settle in when they are new in the University. The Dean of students’ office has in place hostel wardens that ensure that you are settled in well and feel welcome at SPU. New students can feel lost and overwhelmed by the new environment and it is for this very purpose that the wardens are there for. They work out of office hours during the evenings and weekends and are available whenever needed.


  • Students must apply for accommodation; however this does not guarantee a space for the applicant.
  • Allocation is based on the availability of rooms/houses and conduct.
  • Allocation is done at the beginning of the academic year so application for a room must be done at the end of the previous academic year.
  • The contract to occupy rooms is for a full semester. Students who move out of the houses or rooms in the middle of the semester will be required to pay the full amount for the semester.


  • Students must keep their rooms neat and clean. Brooms are provided in the washroom for this purpose.
  • Outside visitors are not permitted in single students’ quarters after 10.00 P.M. Male students are not permitted to visit female students or vice versa after 10.00 P.M.
  • Arrangements for visitors who wish to stay for a night at the University must be made through the Dean of Students.
  • During the vacations, the halls of residence are closed and the kitchen and dining hall services are suspended.
  • Occasionally, single students rooms are used during the vacations for conferences organised by the University or external agencies.


Water and electricity are scarce resources, which must at all times be preserved and conserved.

  • St. Paul’s University has its own borehole and water is pumped to a tank within the compound, then supplied to all sectors of the University Community.
  • Water should be used wisely, especially during the dry seasons. Gardens should not be watered.
  • Electricity must be conserved at all costs.
  • The University has a right to question use of appliances, which in its opinion are high consumers of electricity.
  • The University has a right to surcharge the user should any of the facilities and services be misused.


Students are issued with keys to their rooms and houses when they take up the rooms. One is not allowed to make duplicate keys. Keys are handed in at the end of every semester. The University will charge for damage or lost keys before a re-issue.


The University will provide each registered student with an I.D. Card indicating the degree they are taking, the year of registration and the year of completion. The new students will be told when their I.D. photographs are to be taken. Those who lose their I.D. will pay for a new I.D. They will be required to pay 500 shillings for a re-issue.
For security reasons all students coming back into the University compound late (after 10:00. P.M.) will be asked to identify themselves, as well as those accompanying them.
Personal Welfare
The personal welfare of students is an important part of University life. We ensure that the environment at SPU is safe, secure and comfortable to you at all times. We embrace ecumenism and support students from all faiths. No matter the background we embrace all and ensure that they feel accepted at SPU.

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