TSC Recruitment of Primary Teachers 2023-2024

TSC Recruitment of Primary Teachers 2023-2024

TSC Recruitment of Primary Teachers – guidelines:



(a)Following the advertisement for recruitment of teachers for Primary schools, You are required to conduct a selection exercise for candidates wishing to be employed and submit the County Merit list to the TSC Headquarters. The list should be ratified by the County Selection Panel.

(b)The selection panel will be expected to exercise the highest degree of transparency and accountability, as stipulated in the Public Officers Ethics Act and TSC Code of Conduct and Ethics (2015). The TSC County Director is expected to induct members of the County Selection Panel on the relevant Sections of the Act before the commencement of the selection exercise.

(c)All applicants must be registered teachers in line with Section 23(1) of the Teachers Service Commission Act Cap 212. Those without Registration Certificates must attach a printout showing verified status as evidence of application for registration. However, applicants who do not meet registration requirements will not be recruited.

See Also: TSC Teacher Registration and Recruitment Requirements

(d)Applicants who apply for confirmation of results from KNEC should give the address of the County Director where they submitted their application. It is their responsibility to ensure that the results are received within 14 days after the verification of certificates.

(e)Applicants working in other Government Departments and who meet the requirements are eligible to apply.

(f)Upon submission of application letters, all applicants shall be given a serial number. The selection date and venue should be communicated at the same time.

(g)The Sub County Director MUST acknowledge all applications immediately upon receipt before the verification date and promptly advise those who do not meet the selection criteria (specifying the reasons).

(h)During the selection applicants must present original and legible photocopies of the following documents; –

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i)National identification card

ii)National Council of Persons with Disability (NCPWD) Card (where applicable);

iii)KCPE certificate;

iv)KCSE certificates (include first attempt certificate if one repeated exams) or A Level Certificate (where applicable);

v)PTE certificate;

vi)Primary, Secondary Schools leaving certificates and other relevant testimonials.

(i)All applicants should be given equal opportunity. However, applicants with special needs should be considered on affirmative action, provided that they meet the stipulated recruitment criteria.

(j)The selection date and venue must be displayed on notice boards at the County, Sub-County and Zonal offices at least seven (7) days before the selection exercise.

(k)The selection panel shall vet each applicant to establish if he/she meets the requirements of the TSC advertisement.

(l)Preference will be given to the applicants who have not been previously employed by the Commission. TSC Recruitment of Primary Teachers



The Selection Panel shall comprise of the following members: –


The Sub County Director



TSC Sub County Human Resource Officer




iii) All Zonal Curriculum Support Officers




i)The TSC Sub County Director shall verify the TSC registration status of all applicants;

ii)The TSC Sub County shalpresent a list of all applicants to the Selection Panel;

iii)Applicants must appear in person before the Selection Panel on the set date.


a)Original academic and professional certificates shall be scrutinized to verify their authenticity.

b)The TSC Sub County Director shall certify photocopies of the certificates before forwarding them to the TSC County Director.

c)Any applicant(s) who present forged/fake academic, professional and other documents commit(s) an offence; shall be disqualified and can be deregistration in accordance with Code of Regulations for Teachers (CORT).



Applicants shall be awarded marks as per the score sheet (Appendix 1(a) and 1(b). Where applicants tie in score, the panel shall refer to the footnote on the panel score sheet for guidance.



The Sub County Selection Panel will be required to submit the following to the TSC County Director: –

i.Registration list of all applicants in the Sub County (Appendix II);

ii.Sub County merit list (Appendix III);

iii.Summary of complaints raised(if any) together with action taken;

iv.Minutes of the Sub-County Selection Panel duly signed by the Chairperson and Secretary.



a)After submission of merit lists by the Sub County Directors, TSC County Director will constitute a selection panel comprising the following members;



TSC County Director



TSC Deputy County Director



County Human Resource Officer



All TSC Sub County Directors


b)The TSC County Director will be required to convene a County Panel to ratify Sub County merit lists for onward submission to the TSC Headquarters within the stipulated timeline.

c)The selected applicants from the merit list shall correctly fill the TSC Application for Employment Form (APPT 1) without erasing or defacing it.

d)The merit list compiled during the selection process at the beginning of the financial year will be used in subsequent recruitments within the financial year. Selected applicants shall be informed through the short message service (SMS).

NB: It is the responsibility of the TSC County Director to ensure that the exercise is fair and transparent.

See Also: Teachers Service Commission Online Services



a)Any applicant who is dissatisfied with the exercise should submit to the TSC County Director a written complaint immediately and send a copy to the TSC Headquarters not later than seven (7) days after the selection exercise;

b)The TSC County Director should, within seven (7) days analyze and address all complaints raised after the selection process has been completed and thereafter submit a report to the Headquarters on the action taken.

c)Where the complaint is made against the TSC County Director, the TSC Headquarters shall investigate the allegations and take appropriate action.



The TSC County Director shall submit the following to the TSC Headquarters;

i.County Selection Panel minutes duly signed by the Chairperson and Secretary;

ii.County merit list (Appendix IV). Both in soft (Excel) via ddstaffingp@gmail.com and hard copy;

iii.List of all selected applicants drawn from the current merit list (Appendix V)

iv.List of all the applicants who did not appear in the merit list (Appendix VIwith names of absent candidates during the certificate verification exercise;

v.Duly filled Application for Employment Forms (APPT I) for the selected applicants;

vi.Original statement of confirmation of PTE/KCSE/KCPE results from KNEC for applicants without original certificates;

vii.Certified copies of the following documents in the order indicated below: –

a)National identification card;

b)National Council of Persons with Disability (NCPWD) Card (where applicable);

c)Two passport size photographs;

d)KCPE Certificates;

e)KCSE Certificates (include first attempt certificate if one repeated exams);

f)PTE Certificate;

vii)Primary and Secondary Schools and college leaving certificates and other testimonials;

viii)KRA PIN certificate, Bank form and Bank plate to facilitate

appointment on payroll.

Viii) Written commitment by the applicant to serve in any county posted to, for a minimum period of five (5) years, and three (3) years in case of North Eastern region;

ix)Panel score sheet (Appendix Iboth in soft (excel) via

ddstaffingp@gmail.com and hard copy for the selected applicants;

NB: Where names on submitted documents differ, the applicants will be required to submit a sworn affidavit.



(a)Under no circumstances should the Application for Employment Form be defaced or photocopied for use.

(b)All enquiries arising from these guidelines should be made to the TSC County Director.

(c)Notwithstanding the decentralization of the function of teacher’s recruitment pursuant to Section 20 of the TSC Act, the Commission is not precluded from carrying out recruitment directly from the TSC Headquarters.



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56 thoughts on “TSC Recruitment of Primary Teachers 2023-2024

  1. Edwin okwara

    I am Mr. EDWIN OKWARA a fully registered with TSC as a Primary Teacher, am interested to be employed with TSC. whe can i apply?


    When should I apply am a registered trained teacher?

  3. Cheruto Gladys

    Hi IAM cheruto I would like to join TSC as a teacher when is the application exercise?

  4. Kisorio Emmanuel

    Would like to be recruited as a teacher, should I pay to be favoured during the recruitment?

  5. Dismark obondi

    Please when is this recruitment be done for 2020_2021, please consider us even interns ,or employee those trained trs as messengers, drivers,or personal sectretaries ,

  6. Maureen wanjiru kamau

    I am Maureen Wanjiru,a registered TSC teacher ready to work in the field of teaching.Please how can I start my process of application to get a job with the board.(TSC emlloyment)




    Hello I’m Francis Mwangi. A fully registered P1 teacher. I’m interested in working under the Teachers Service Commission. Looking forward to your positive consideration.

  9. Wangui Esther

    Hallo, thank you for coming up with application to be done online, it will give us equal and transparent chances. Thank you,be doing this more than often,if its possible. I appreciate, thank you.

  10. Robert Mutai

    I’m Robert Mutai, following the job advertisement by TSC… the procedure itself isn’t familiar since the portal is closed.Please guide me on the procedure. Thanks in advance.

  11. Dinah kemunto mokaya

    I am a single lady aged thirty seven when shall I be considered with my age? am a Registered P1 teacher plz

  12. nahashion chirchir

    i am nahashion chirchir registered teacher when is the recruitment

  13. kimutai nicodemus

    please TSC i am an orphan trained teacher.kindly consider me.

  14. Daniel

    Concerning deployment of teachers from primary to secondary can one be posted outside his working county incase there s no vacancy in his station.

  15. Samuel Tabu Wangulu

    @80points , is it possible to miss an invitation notice for verification in a magnalized area like Mt Elgon/Cheptais sub county ?

  16. Geofrey Omutanyi Amukowa

    I am Geofrey Omutanyi Amukowa TSC no.472880 . with the upcoming of CBC which emphasizes on practical skills and talent development, can now technical teachers fm KTTC who got c- (minus) in their KCSE and who are duly registered byTSC be now deployed to primary schools to avoid wastage of their hard earned knowledge.EMAIL:geffamukowa@yahoo,com cellphone:+254724634739

  17. Bernard Odhiambo Owuor

    Am currently an intern teacher but I missed the just concluded recruitment exercise at 85%.Is there hope at the end of internship?

  18. kelvin

    There are some stories that some slots especially for p1 teachers in some counties like West pokot have been put aside for the natives.Teachers from other counties will be having their slots.Request Tsc to look into that allegation.

  19. Parimas motaro

    I’m parimas motaro a regsterd p1 teacher I’m starving until neighbours give me food please employ me and God I’ll bless you

  20. Anyuga Nancy

    Hello am Nancy 33 years old, trained p1 teacher,I applied for the recent advertised posts and went for certificates verification.Can we access county merit for P1 teachers online?Am in dilemma because some of my colleagues have been contacted to go and fill TSC employment forms .I am darkness I don’t know where Iie.7 years down the line haven’t been considered! I feel like the world is against me.Please please i seek for your advice.Thanks in advance

    1. Liban waqo

      Am liban graduate from international university of africa faculty of education year 2018 with an specialization in ARABIC and ISLAMIC STUDIES. In addition am having diploma in arabic language which led me successfully to join the faculty.since my graduation i hve been teaching (arabic/ire). Though I did not take arabic language at my secondary level,i have seen the subject very easy and able to handle. So it is my humble request to the tsc to consider some of factors when the need arise

  21. Urbanus kivindu wanza

    Am urbanus kivindu 34 years,graduated 2011,with a p1 certificate,have been applieng for consideration by the TSC without success ,have seen young teachers employed before me ,I wonder how if TSC clears teachers following year of graduation, I took my copies for verification in several counties ,have not been informed why I don’t qualify for this job this year round!

  22. Irene Anyango

    I am Irene . I have Ugandan certificate O levels ,kcpe,and PTE certificate am I legible for tsc employment?

  23. Arap Sang

    I am from Boner, i fail to understand as to why p1 teachers who graduated 2012 beats those who graduated 2009 in awarding points,

  24. Arap Sang

    I am from Bomet,i fail to understand as to why p1 teachers who graduated 2012 beats those who graduated 2009 in awarding points,they should at least be separated by at least 1point for every year graduated backwards rather than giving 60points to all

  25. Josephine khaoya

    I have p1certificate graduated 2010 I went back to university took history/cre graduated 2017 am unemployed I have applied for tsc by no response advise me

  26. Helidah onyango

    I m registered p1 teacher,seeking consideration from tsc im in great dillema please, im an orphan left with my siblings to care of and my own family to care for with 4000 that im earning monthly which is not enough to provide for daily necessities, feeling burdened and getting dipressed please help before condition worsens please please

  27. Kigen k Silah

    I am Kigen k Silah registered P1 teacher, in 2019 I had Qualified for internship , It happened that I received a call on 20/12/2019 on Friday at 3:00pm to go and fill employment form , so I tried my best to reach there on time but unfortunately, due to distance I reached there late, I tried to reach the officer who had contacted me but she told me that I was late and my chance had been given to somebody else, surely I felt they were not fair to me since they could have informed me earlier, since then I have been sending my complaints but there has been no response, so kindly please consider me

  28. Gladys

    I’m Gladys….a p1 trained teacher.I graduated in the year 2007 and has not been employed by tsc.please help


    Am Jared Athiambo a p1 certificate holder graduated 2016, some of my colleagues have been absorbed
    Av tried several applications but all are in vain… Cud it be that am bare handed or i don’t have a “Godfather” Plizz may i know kindly………

    1. Irene Mwelu

      I am Irene Mutinda graduated 2013 still waiting,what is my gate? Or am not Lucy I was born to suffer?

  30. Martin

    Am martin from kirinyaga county age 31 years old tsc registered yawa bt yet not yet absorbed how is the going tho i graduated 2018.hw cn i be absorbed in

  31. Joseph

    Hi,I’m Joseph graduated 2013 but not yet employed whilst you find others graduated 2013-2018 but employed can’t merit be considered for fair chances

  32. Merceline Awuor

    am merceline Awuor Okoth did p1 2013
    8yrs down the line no employment in the last recruitment I had 90 points.how many points do I need to get employed am giving up please.

  33. Walter Kipsang

    I am Kipsang Walter registered by TSC p1 teacher. Any vacancy let us know. even Mandera I can go and teach

  34. Kigen k Sila

    From;a frustrated unemployed Teacher
    Dear sir/madam/ministry/Commission/HE
    Iam writing this letter as tears Cascade down my cheeks, questions without answers ranking within me asking myself as a teacher,where did we go wrong?Do we have to go through these? regrettably I say I wish I knew.
    At every dawn,I stay with a licker of hope that at least one day I will be assured of a salary at the end of the month.Doing all I can to make ends meet,I have tried in all ventures leave alone selling sukuma, charcoal, doing mjengo without abate,just hoping that one day my life will change.I remember my parents selling every item available at home just to educate me,I remember going to classes hungry just to seek for this education.I remember them going to provide labour in people’s farm just to ensure I complete studying my undergraduate degree,but owe to them because I don’t know when they will start eating the fruits of their labour.I have tried every possible way to seek for my silver lining even through BOM jobs,but disappointments all through.Wicked principals,God is watching you.Seven years down the line, looking on the newspapers, reports on looming mass employment;a flicker of hope year in, year out,my hopes abated:I mean it’s just a report that doesn’t come to fruition.You go to interviews,you encounter with countless of unemployed graduates lining up for one slot,you just give up.I mean TSC KENYA,how do you dupe us that you’re employing a mass when in real sense you’re deploying the already employed to secondary schools?Where will the thousands of unemployed graduate Teachers go to?
    Worse than it all,it’s so inhuman to put the unemployed p1 in a state of limbo.These Teachers and their parents sacrificed every little coin to complete their academic studies.Most of these Teachers are in a state of depression especially after the recent most announcement of their incognito in the coming employment.Change is inevitable but let not the change affect those already in the profession
    I would kindly request the TSC, Ministry of education and the president to consider the desperado affairs of the unemployed teachers and Ensure that any proposed framework in the curriculum is not detrimental to them or does not propel their predicament since they are the suffering lot.
    Thanks for reading on my appeal and i do believe that you’re going to take the necessary actions that will change the lives of Kenyan unemployed Teachers.
    Thanks in advance
    Yours Faithfully

    1. Isoe geofrey

      My God show your kindness to the oppressed and a miracle .To the corrupt those with nepotism let them have no peace because they have made us have no peace in our families

  35. George Ahonda Kataka

    Am George Kataka Ahonda. Registered by TSC . plz when is the recruitment of P1 teachers kindly inform me. Is the recruitment there in 2021 or not?

  36. okal

    This is a real testimony,p1 teachers are suffering due to unemployment.tsc should look into this and rescue thousands of unemployed lot.

  37. Victor biwott

    I’m victor biwott from baringo,graduated in 2011 and so far have not been employed by Tsc,is there any transparency cox there are those who graduated late but already in payroll

  38. Joel Khaemba

    I’m joel Khaemba p1 since 2014, Always applying but no response after verification,what might be the case?

  39. Dorcas

    Iam Dorcas a p1 certificate holder,I graduated in 2011 .When will I ever be considered?Hata internship kupata ni balaa

  40. Isoe geofrey

    Let Tsc officer be honest please in this exercise,many of us have not been employed because there is corruption,nepotism and ungenuiness how can a person who graduated recently be employed and live aside people who graduated early.Take not of your secretaries,Resource persons who you leave in office,let the have cursed for all cries of the poor tothem and their generation.

  41. Isoe geofrey

    Only few are called to fill the forms,and many pay a little for them to fill forms ,the merit list is hidden you won’t see it.God look up on us.and if I am lying just investigate.it was to be better Tsc to select applicants nationally then they call for filling forms and if professional documents to lead to disqurrification

  42. rono

    hi, thank you for having a fare score sheet of july 2021-2020 . diploma teachers have suffered alot for quite along time . please maintain this grades of 40 distinction uphead. most of these these are coming from less fortune families others are orphans. good work.

  43. geff

    hi, thank you for having a fare score sheet of july 2021-2020 . diploma teachers have suffered alot for quite along time . please maintain this grades of 40 distinction uphead. most of these these are coming from less fortune families others are orphans. good work.

  44. Mwita wesiko

    Requesting to work in garisaa as a teacher kindly

  45. Saleh Atibu Barasa

    Thanks tsc for your service,,,,,,yawning to be part of you soon,,,,thanks in advance

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