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TVET Grading System – Kenya

TVET Grading System – KNEC:

KNEC Grading System

When it comes to KNEC courses, candidates are awarded scores based on the KNEC grading system for colleges.

Below we look at the KNEC grading system for colleges and how the results of examinations are classified.

KNEC grading system for colleges: How KNEC Results Are Awarded

Now, for the whole examination, marks are issued in 5 classes while there are 8 different grades in the individual papers under the KNEC grading system for colleges.

Each candidate receives the results in terms of the class and grade depending on his/her performance in the final practical and theoretical tests and the continuous assessment tests (administered by the college being attended).

Here is the relationship between the various classes and grades according to the KNEC grading system.

Class Grade
Pass with distinction Grade 1 & 2
Pass with credit Grade 3 & 4
Pass Grade 5 & 6
Fail Grade 7


KNEC grading system for colleges: Classification according to the raw scores

Here now is the association between the classes and the raw scores..

Raw Scores Applicable grade Class
80-100 1 Distinction
75-79 2 Distinction
70-74 3 Credit
60-69 4 Credit
50-59 5 Pass
40-49 6 Pass
0-39 7 Fail


You are referred if you score below 39 (essentially meaning you have failed) in a paper in the KNEC exams for colleges and you have to pass the specific  failed papers before being awarded with the relevant certificate.

Of course, there is a fee for re-sitting KNEC examinations (charged on per paper basis) and you have to book for a resit via the KNEC online registration for technical exams portal (assisted by your college).

Other notables about the KNEC grading

Overall performance is indicated as:

  • 2 PASS with CREDIT
  • 3 PASS

Needless to say, the highest passing score is a Distinction and Pass the least.

A score of ‘EXEMPTED’ means that you have been exempted from a paper on the account of having passed an equivalent qualification from another accredited examiner.

Final thoughts

The above relationship applies to both certificate (artisan and craft levels) and the diploma grading system in Kenya for KNEC exams including most KNEC higher diploma courses.

The above KNEC college grading system is, however, different from the current KNEC ECDE grading system and P1 grading system.


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