University Of Nairobi UoNBI Choir

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University Of Nairobi UoNBI Choir

University Of Nairobi UoNBI Choir – Read Details Below:
The choir enhances the image of the university. It connects the university with the outside world through its mellifluous singing and dexterous performances. For instance, at the annual national Kenya Music Festivals, the choir has remained consistently outstanding and competitive in its performances. It is currently among the leading choirs in the country with numerous trophies and awards to its name.
The students’ choir creates equal opportunities for its members to build their individual capacities in the field of music performance and elocution. It operates under the Dean of Students’ office as a students’ organization and has enjoyed immense support from the university management. An elected office of the students handles the affairs of the choir under the guidance of the Music Director, Mr. Atoh, Fred Ochieng’, a lecturer in the department of Linguistics and Languages. Atoh, who also composes and arranges African music and a former student of Kemoli, took over the choir upon the latter’s retirement from university service. Chris Wekulo, who is a student of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry, assists him. Atoh joined the choir as a student. In a similar way, the choir has churned out many astute music lovers and trainers who now work with schools, music clubs, and societies across the country.
With the support of the university management, students have been able to travel to Holland, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Iran, and South Korea, among others. In the process, the choir has emerged as the epitome of the University of Nairobi’s image and a monument of cultural dissemination and growth. An instance of this growth is the relationship the choir has with the Chinese’s Confucius Centre within the university. For two years now, the Centre has sent some members of the choir to China on exchange programmes exceeding a month in each case. The Centre also offers classes to select choir members on Chinese. This is done courtesy of the collaboration between the university and the Confucius Institute. Consequently, many students continue to benefit from these arrangements.

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