University Of Nairobi UoNBI Grading System

University Of Nairobi UONBI Grading System

University Of Nairobi UONBI Grading System…Check out the details of University Of Nairobi UONBI examination marking scheme below…
University Of Nairobi UONBI Grading System, Details of University Of Nairobi UONBI Grading System…Read on University Of Nairobi UONBI Grading System. Information concerning University Of Nairobi UONBI Grading System

Final examinations for all the course units are University Examinations and are governed by the relevant regulations of the University. These regulations are as listed herebelow

1. Each registered course unit shall be evaluated through course work and a two-hour final examination.

2. To be eligible for the award of the Bachelor of Commerce degree, a candidate will have passed in the minimum number of course units prescribed for each level of study.

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3. All examinations shall be governed by the following rules:

  • Each course unit shall be graded out of one hundred (100) marks;
  • Final examination shall constitute seventy percent (70%) and coursework the remaining thirty-percent (30%) of the marks in each course unit offered and taken in any semester except for the MRP;
  • MRP shall be done in only one area of specialization and is graded out of one hundred percent (100%);


  • The grading system in each course unit will be as follows:



70   – 100 A
60   – 69 B
50   – 59 C
40   – 49 D
00- 39 E


  • The pass-mark in each course unit shall be forty percent (40%);
  • A candidate who fails an examination in any course unit shall be allowed to sit for supplementary examination in or repeat the failed course unit. The maximum mark         awarded for a supplementary or repeat examination is 40%;
  • A candidate who fails an examination in an elective course unit may opt to take a different course unit if the candidate is not inclined to sit for supplementary examination in or repeat the failed course unit;


4. On the recommendation of the School Board, a candidate who  takes the maximum number of course units (currently six) in any semester, sits University Examinations in all and fails in a maximum of two may be eligible for compensation in the failed course unit(s) provided thats:

  • His/her mean mark for that particular semester is 50% or above
  • The score on the failed course unit does not fall below 35%
  • Each mark in the failed course unit will be compensated by a loss of two marks in a                passed course unit up to a maximum of 10 marks.

5. A candidate who, for acceptable cause, fails to sit for a final examination at the scheduled time may, on the recommendation of the School Board of Examiners to the University Senate, be allowed to sit for a special examination.  A special examination is a University examination in accordance with Rule 3.4.
6. A candidate who fails to satisfy the School Board of Examiners may, on the recommendation of the Board to the University Senate, be required to sit for supplementary examination in, or repeat the failed course unit not more than two times If the candidate fails after sitting supplementary examinations or repeating the failed course unit twice he/she shall be discontinued from the program.
7. A candidate who passes the University Examinations and who, in other respects qualifies for the award of the degree, shall be placed in one of the three classes to be described as First, Second (Upper Division or Lower Division) and Pass.  Honours shall be awarded to a candidate whose name is placed in the First Class or Second Class (Upper or Lower Division).
8. A candidate who qualifies for an award of the degree after sitting for supplementary examination in, or repeating any course unit in Part II twice shall be awarded a pass degree.
9. The aggregate score of the Bachelor of Commerce degree shall be based on assessment of performance of the candidate in Years/Levels I, II, III and IV of study with 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% weights respectively.
10. The classification of the degree award shall be based on the aggregate score as follows:

First Class Honours 70-100 %
Second Class Honours (Upper Division) 60-69%
Second Class Honours (Lower Division) 50 – 59%
Pass 40-49 %

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