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The Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS) is a leading regional postgraduate training institution based at the University of Nairobi.
Its core service areas include postgraduate training, research, publication, seminars & conferences, a modern language laboratory, a library and documentation services. IDIS caters for the needs of African countries and international organizations, and maintains close links with similar institutions all over the world. The institute also offers Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. programs in International and Strategic Studies. It has also set up Latin America and South East Asia regional study areas.
The Institute’s academic staff includes highly qualified Scholars in their areas of research and teaching. Some of them have the added advantage of having previously served in Ambassadorial and other high level leadership positions internationally and the Africa region.
IDIS programs are in high demand due to the high quality and relevance of our programs. We provide a user friendly environment that is sensitive to the needs of our students. IDIS attracts high caliber students from all over the African Continent; thus providing its students with a rich multi-cultural experience. The Institute also counts among its alumni many ambassadors, diplomats and international and regional civil servants. This reaffirms our basic philosophy and belief at the IDIS: that “sky is the limit” in our constant pursuit of academic excellence.
The Institute maintains close links with resident diplomatic community. The latter participate in the Institute’s programs either as guest lecturers, seminar resource persons/participants or advisers in practical aspects of diplomacy such as diplomatic negotiations. The location of the Institute allows it to benefit from large diplomatic presence and international organizations and media personnel in Nairobi.

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The Institute has well developed teaching and research links with institutions that have related programs. IDIS has established links with the National Defence College of Kenya and with the Defence Staff College in Nairobi. It runs an MA program in international studies at the National Defence College and also a Diploma program in International Studies at the same institution. The Institute has since its inception enjoyed and continues to strengthen its historical links with the Ministry of Foreign of Affairs of Kenya, through training. In this connection, most of the staff of the Ministry continue to obtain their degrees and diplomas from IDIS.
The Institute is constantly seeking to expand its international network of collaborators in strengthening its programs. It has developed links with the United Nations University of Peace, with whom it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2006. Also in 2006, IDIS signed an MOU with the Spanish Government. The Institute also maintains an active collaboration with the Ministry of East African Co-operation of Kenya, the East African Legislature, and
International Non-Governmental institutions, such as the Heinrich Boll Foundation and the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC).
1973: Establishment of the Diplomacy Training Programme (DTP) under the Department of Government.
1990: Official launch of the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies.
1993: Launch of the MA in International Studies
2000: The PhD in International Studies was launched.
2003: The Institute hosted a seminar on “Evaluating the Terrorism Bill of 2003.”
2004: The Diploma in Strategic Studies and the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Studies were started.
2006: Start of the Diploma in International Studies
2007: Launch of the MA in International Conflict Management
2009: Start of the MA in Diplomacy
2010: Launch of the BA in International Studies
I warmly welcome you to experience and enjoy the unique world of Diplomacy and international Studies, in the friendly learning environment at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies.
Past Leadeship
Prof. Michael Chege (1983-1986)
Prof. Olewe Nyunya (1993-2002)
Prof. Maria Nzomo (2002-2003)
Prof. Makumi Mwagiru (2003-2012)
Prof. Maria Nzomo (2012-Present)
Prof. Michael Chege
Director, 1983-1986
Prof. Olewe Nyunya
Director, 1993-2002
Prof. Maria Nzomo
Director, 2002-2003
Prof. Makumi Mwagiru
Director, 2003-2012
Prof. Maria Nzomo
Director, 2012-Present
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