Kenya National Examination Council KNEC Mandate

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Kenya National Examination Council KNEC Mandate

Kenya National Examination Council KNEC Mandate – see details below:

The mandate of KNEC is outlined in Section 10 of KNEC Act No. 29 of 2012 as to

Set and maintain examinations standards

Conduct public academic, technical and other national examinations within Kenya at basic and tertiary levels

Award certificates or diplomas to candidates in such examinations. (Such certificates or diplomas, shall not be withheld from the candidate by any person or institution)

Confirm authenticity of certificates or diplomas issued by the Council upon request by the government, public institutions, learning institutions, employers and other interested parties

Undertake research on educational assessment

Advice any public institution on the development and use of any system or assessment when requested to do so, and in accordance with such terms and conditions as shall be mutually agreed between the Council and the public institutions

Promote the international recognition of qualifications conferred by the Council

Advice the Government on any policy decision that is relevant to, or has implications on the functions of the Council or the administration of examinations in Kenya

Do anything incidental or conducive to the performance of the preceding functions

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