Teachers Service Commission TSC Promotion Adverts

Teachers Service Commission TSC Promotion Adverts 2023

Teachers Service Commission TSC Promotion Adverts – Check below:

How to apply for TSC promotion in 2023

As a teacher, if you have been in the same position for years, it might be easy to assume that TSC promotion comes along once in a while. However, you have to do more than just thinking to make it to the next level. So, which tutors are eligible for preferment and how do you apply for it?

Teachers Service Commission (TSC), just like any other government agency, periodically offers upgrades to some of its employees. Since there isn’t a specific period where the elevations are announced, many prefer searching for the latest TSC news on promotions of teachers with higher qualifications now and then. While identifying these vacancies is easy, the application procedure might be a little complicated.

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Teachers Service Commission TSC promotion requirements

Before jumping straight to the procedural part, it is imperative to talk about these qualifications. We have listed them according to their teaching levels for easy identification.

Primary school teachers

As a primary school tutor, you should have the following minimum requirements:

  • A minimum KCSE Mean Grade of C plain
  • A Primary Teacher Education (PTE) certificate
  • Visually impaired tutors should have a PTE certification and a minimum KCSE aggregate of C-

Secondary school teachers

The following are required:

  • C+ KCSE mean grade
  • A diploma in Education or a postgraduate diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in Education

Higher institution dons

The following are the lowest qualifications needed:

  • C+ Mean Grade in KCSE
  • A diploma in the subject you are teaching
  • In case you have a C-, a certificate, degree, or a diploma in your specialty. In addition to this, you should have a diploma in Technical Education.

Special needs education teachers

In this category, the following are checked:

  • A KCSE minimum grade of C+
  • Diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in Special Needs Education

The above are only the minimum requirements needed. It means that you still qualify for an elevation if you have anything above the said grades. For instance, the promotion of P1 teachers with degrees is possible as they are above the lowest possible qualifications needed.

Teachers Service Commission TSC promotion application guide

Preferment of teachers is based on various factors outlined by the commission. It means that you can only get a rank increase after you satisfy several conditions that vary depending on your teaching level.

For you to apply for a certain promotion, there should be a vacancy in the sought position. You can quickly ascertain this by periodically inspecting the TSC promotion list. Hence this should be the first step to applying for these vacancies.

You will need the following:

  • Access to the web
  • A browser
  • A laptop/desktop: We do not recommend using a smartphone
  • Basic computer skills
  • TSC number
  • Valid national ID
  • Scanned copies of your certificates

Use the following procedure to apply for a preferment:

Part 1: Checking for TSC promotion adverts

  1. Connect to the internet: Feel free to use public Wi-Fi’s as this is not a delicate procedure such as withdrawing funds from the internet.
  2. Open your browser: Double-tap on its icon to launch it. If your PC is slow, you might have to wait for some minutes, so be patient.
  3. Go to the TSC online services website.
  4. Navigate to adverts: Once here, you will see a list of vacancies for promotion of teachers with higher qualifications by TSC.

5. Ascertain the best position for you: Look at the job description details and the requirements. You can quickly determine the promotion that would suit you best. There are several advert pages, so make sure you scroll to each of them, as shown below:

Part 2: Application

Upon identifying a position that you are best qualified for, you need to proceed to the next step. Use the procedure below to complete your application assuming you have not exited the page you identified the opening:

  1. Click on the “Actions” button: Next to the job description, you will see this blue button. Be careful to click it on the right vacancy column.

2. Tap “View Apply”: Once you press the “Actions” option, a drop-down menu will appear. You will see the stated choice. Click on it once, as shown below:

3. Verify your data: You will be required to enter your Surname, TSC number, and ID or Passport no. You will also need to specify whether you are serving under career progression guidelines.

4. Press the “Continue” button: Once you key in the above details, click on the stated option to continue with the application.

5. Follow the prompts: Once you are verified, fill in every required field and upload any required documents.

Note that you don’t need to fill any TSC promotion form after you finish this procedure. Your application will be forwarded to the relevant department and hence no need for double submission.

Teachers Service Commission TSC contacts

For any inquiries or technical complaints about this process, contact the Teachers’ Service Commission support stuff via the following:

  • Head office physical location: Off Ngong Road, Milimani, Nairobi
  • Postal office address: PO Box 70180 – 00400
  • Phone number: 020-2892000
  • Email: info@tsc.go.ke
  • Website: tsc.go.ke
  • Twitter: @TSC_KE
  • Facebook: @TSC KENYA

Applying for TSC promotion is that simple. You only have to identify the position you are qualified and then proceed to the identification stage. Finally, you need to upload and fill in any required certificates and details respectively.

53 thoughts on “Teachers Service Commission TSC Promotion Adverts

    1. Mwikali A Mbinda

      Il wanted to apply for headship in primary school The system said l dont qualify yet l have Degree and l have served for three years as adeputy what should l do

    1. Caroline makena kiogora

      I have a diploma in education ECDE ,lwas promoted to job group C2 in 2015, since it’s now five years,my request is to kindly consider me for promotion to group C3. Thank in advance.
      Caroline makena kiogora
      Tsc no 403855

  1. Sang kipkemoi samuel

    Want to applaud tsc for the good work.Also seeking to know the consideration they have for teachers who have been in acting position for long.


    This is good informton. I was left out during he last interviews for promotion to be a deputy head teacher in secondary school . I was not in the picture but now I am a wear what to Do . I have been in the same job group for long Thanks for the information. Next time it is advertised I will be ready.

  3. James

    Hope the rules should be relax a little bit,NB requirements to be have serving in certain group. Remember many of classroom teachers are in fact more qualified in education

  4. Esther

    Good for adverts, been in C3 for 16 years, hope for consideration.

  5. Geoffrey Namayi

    Promotion from primary to secondary school please i have been in the same job group for long and i applied for the same also

  6. Peter Mugo Nyaga

    My name is Peter Mugo Nyaga. I hold a diploma in ECDE and I have stayed in one grade for long. Our school don’t have a senior teacher. Why can’t you promote me?

  7. Johnes Onsate Subano

    Kindly ask Tsc to promote me from p1 to diploma. I graduated from kisii university after attaining diploma primary option.

  8. Stephen mathenge

    I’ve worked for 7 yrs as ht in primary school.i graduated for BED in the year 2014. What can I do to move from c5 to D1?

  9. Onchwari Consolata

    Currently I’m serving as senior teacher since May 2017 job group C2. I tried to apply for deputyship in the last advert but it didn’t go through reason being I don’t qualify yet I have a degree in special needs education. Kindly consider me for promotion.
    My tsc. No. 548222

    1. Emily

      What is our fate, SNE Diploma inclusive Education teachers,I can’t see where we are featured

  10. Benard N Nzioki

    I have served as an acting senior teacher in the new school I was posted in July 2017.Currently in c1.As a result of that vacancy,can I be considered for official appointment?

  11. Babu Kambi Juma

    I be been in C2 since 2017,while being a senior tr with a Diploma under career progression.

  12. Babu Kambi Juma

    I be been in C2 since 2017,while being a senior tr with a Diploma under career progression.kindly I request for deputy post.

  13. Babu Kambi Juma

    I be been in C2 since 2017,while being a senior tr with a Diploma under career progression.kindly I request for deputy post.Tsc no 423782

  14. Kiprono kimeto Philemon

    I did the tsc interview for the post of headteacher in December 2019 and up to date no communication wether I was considered for the position or not (am from kericho county)

  15. Monica Akinyi kabbis

    Monica Kabbis Tsc:-202710
    Have worked as ATS4 since2004 to date
    Have a BED degree from2012 .Presented my documents in 2013 and several reminders but in vain.Kindly consider me as a senior teacher pls

  16. Settim J.Eunice

    Thanks to Tsc for the commendable service you are rendering to teachers,I have been in teaching profession since 2003,I have a diploma in ECDE, The TSC acknowledged my diploma but didn’t upgrade/promote me.I humbly request for a Post of Senior teacher in my school, my school does not have a senior teacher.

  17. Gladys Okibori.

    Some teachers he qualifications to be deployed to secondary schools but they are beyond C2. Do you consider them some more than A C+ in KCSE put when they apply they are left behind.


    Thanks TSC for online services.
    I am a Trained SNE teacher. I have requested for deployment to SPECIAL SCHOOL OR SPECIAL UNIT but it has never been effected. Please advice accordingly.

  19. Christine Osiako

    I was promoted to C2 in 2016. Kindly promote me to C3. Since its long overdue as Am supposed to move to next grade automatically after 3years.

  20. Grace Wambui

    I have a diploma in special needs inclusive.please consider me by giving me a special school in Nyeri south.

  21. Murauko

    Kindly consider such p1 teachers who scored c plain and acquired a higher level of education to admnistrative post

  22. phenny ager

    I have a bachelor’s degree in special needs education, kindly any promotion within special needs department will be highly appreciated,

  23. Philomena

    Have been in C3 for approximately 12years now deputy11,requesting for deputy1.

  24. Margie mugi

    I have MA Geography from Kenyatta University still a c3, what am I supposed to do to be upgraded.

  25. Mang'aa Innocent

    Have served as Snr/Tr since Jan 2011 without pay hike.Have send reminder letters in vain.kindly assist me

  26. Innoman

    W sh’d TSC force trs renew 4 constructs & yet it as not upgraded dip/deg ‘s owned by majority Trs?

  27. Francisca cherotich

    Francisca cherotich tsc no 505552 ,Am in C2 since June 2018 and now requesting for promotion to C3 since I have completed the three years that one attains the next cadre automatically. Please consider my request. Thanks in advance.

  28. Paul Odhiambo Mwamu

    The teachers service commission Kenya, please kindly take note of an apparent gap in the career progression guidelines especially for senior teachers in primary schools(senior teacher 2b-C2 -TSC scale 7 ). Please remember, these category of teachers served for long as senior teachers and earned responsibility allowance of as low as kshs.150 on their payslips long before CBA/CPG was launched in July2017.Unfortunately, these long serving administrators in primary schools cannot apply for DHT posts as application system reject them as unqualified in terms of grade. While some of them hold diplomas and degees.Andat the same time, their counterparts who were deputies and also earned responsibility allowances before 2017 CBA and CPG easily apply for HT and get promoted. Please check payslips of these teachers before CBA and also letters of appointment for this group of teachers. Otherwise these group of teachers will never progress in adminstration despite great wealth of administrative experience. Thank you. God bless tsc, God bless Kenya.

  29. Dulluh jilloh

    Promotional chances have made very unfortunate for some of the longest serving tutors like me for the current date for promotional have be specific to administrative cadres which actually looks unfair and unjust

  30. Stephen kimamo

    What is the different between c2a and c2b? Kindly clarify

  31. Muthine Stanley

    Muthine michubu Stanley
    TSC 506596,
    Applied for a post of senior teacher 1 because am currently serving as senior teacher 11b.
    Kindly do request for this promotion.
    I attended the interviews.
    With thanks.

  32. Dorcas w kibira

    Is there a promotion on merit.I have been a performer in the schools l have been but promotion has been elusive in my current station l have moved from a mean of 2.6 to 5.4.

  33. Emmy Chepkoech Serem

    Emmy chepkoech
    Tsc 517772
    Asking for deployment to secondary school.
    Did kiswahili and CRE .
    What should I do.
    Kindly consider me

  34. Godfrey Odhiambo Rahul

    Have been in c2 for 12 years.
    not even a senior teacher and my station does not have one

  35. Annastacia Yatich

    Is degree in bachelor of education primary options recognised

  36. Henrietta mulwa

    How will tsc motivate classroom teacher’s who have worked for long time in the same group yet no automatic progression

  37. Evelyne Onkware

    I have served as a a senior teacher 2 from 2020.I have worked with the headteacher and his deputy to ensure smooth learning. I perform duties of the headteacher in his absence. I am the dorm mistress and games teacher. I am kindly requesting if I can get a promotion to senior teacher, since the school doesn’t have one. I believe I can deliver since I have that experience. I have worked and stayed in the same institution for 13 years as a teacher. I hope that you will consider my request. Thanks in advance as I look forward for a positive response. Thank you

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