About KISWCD Teachers Training College

About KISWCD Teachers Training College

About KISWCD Teachers Training College – see details below:

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KISWCD Teachers Training College is a registered Teachers Training College under the Ministry of Education registration number (P/TC/372/10). The college is a KNEC Centre for Early Childhood Education, Primary Teacher Education, and Special Needs Diploma in Secondary Education.

We are located at Southern House – Moi Avenue – Nairobi City County

CLARION CALL: “Training Teachers for Global Service”


We are committed to providing quality and affordable professional training in the field of teacher education in the region and beyond.

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“To be a vibrant and innovative center for teaching”


To promote excellence in the sphere of teacher education. The college undertakes to prepare teaching personnel who are intelligent, socially minded, spiritually vigorous, vocationally prepared and committed to the cause of quality education.


  • We value our students and parents
  • We love our college
  • We show respect to others
  • We work as a team
  • We look after our environment


  • To provide an opportunity to excellent teacher education to meet national & global needs and challenges.
  • To create an atmosphere in which the best possible curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes can be conducted for the students for their overall development.
  • To encourage the faculty to improve their academic qualification through seminars and workshops so that they become well versed with the latest developments in their respective subjects.
  • To provide value based education in terms of humanitarian values

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