Kenya TVET Grading System

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Kenya TVET Grading System

Kenya TVET Grading System – Check below:

Grading System

GPA = Total Quality Points divided by total number of hours per subject per week, for the specified term.

Quality Points

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Letter Grade Points
A 12
A- 11
B+ 10
B 9
B- 8
C+ 7
C 6
C- 5
D+ 4
D 3
D- 2
E 1

Academic Grading System


Raw Score Letter Grade
80-100 A
76-79 A-
72-75 B+
68-71 B
64-67 B-
60-63 C+
56-59 C
52-55 C-
48-51 D+
40-47 D
30-39 SUPPLEMENTARY      (D-)
00-29 FAILURE   (E)


Non- Teacher Grading System


Raw Score Numerical Grade Classification
80-100 1 Distinction
76-79 2 Distinction
70-75 3 Credit
60-69 4 Credit
50-59 5 Pass
40-49 6 Pass
30-39 7 Referral
00-29 8 Referral


Teaching Practice /Micro Teaching Grading system


Raw Score Letter Grade    Remark
85-100 A Excellent
80-84 A- Excellent
75 -79 B+ Very Good
70-74 B Very Good
65-69 B- Good
60-64 C+ Good
55-59 C Average
50-54 C- Average
45-49 D+ Referral
40-44 D Referral
30-39 D- Referral
00-29 E Failure Grade


The Downside of obtaining Supplementary, E and referral grades


  • A supplementary (SUPP) means a re-sit the following term. Students are allowed one re sit only.
  • 2 E grades attract an academic warning letter from the Deputy Principal Academics
  • 3 E grades in one term lead to expulsion from the course
  • The E and SUPP grades are NOT deleted from the transcript after clearance
  • There will soon be a fee for re-sitting examinations

Some Punishable Examination Offences

  • Possession of unauthorized written material in the exam room
  • Copying from other candidates
  • Communicating orally with other candidates during examination
  • Possession of used or unused examination answer booklets in the examination room
  • Having Laptops and mobile phones in the examination room


All forms of cheating lead to cancellation of the examination.


For success in your academic pursuit, plan, be responsible and believe in yourself.


KTTC uses the Grade Point Average (GPA) grading system