Machakos University Graduate School

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Machakos University Graduate School

Machakos University Graduate School – Details:

About Machakos University Graduate School

The Graduate School was established after the award of charter in October 2016. It initially existed as the Board of Post Graduate Studies since October 2015. The vision of the Graduate School

 is to be a leading center of excellence in transforming society through quality research and academic zeal. The mission is to provide scholarly postgraduate education through training, research and innovation for industrial and socio-economic transformation of our communities. The School is in charge of admission of post graduate students and co-ordination of all post graduate programmes in various schools in the University.


A preferred University of Scholarly Excellence

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Provide scholarly education through Training, Research and Innovation for Industrial and socio-economic transformation of our communities.



Machakos University Graduate School Courses Offered


  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Education Administration
  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Development
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Technology
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Education Psychology
  5. Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Linguistics
  6. Doctor of Philosophy in Business


  1. Master of Education Administration
  2. Master of Education Planning
  3. Masters of Curriculum Development
  4. Master of Communication Technology
  5. Master of Education in Early Childhood Education
  6. Master of Business Administration (Finance, Marketing, HRM, Procurement, Strategic Management and Accounting Options)
  7. Master of Economics (Econometrics)
  8. Master of Economics
  9. Master of Science (Finance)
  10. Master of Economics (Policy and Management)
  11. Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics)
  12. Master of Arts (Literature)
  13. Master of Arts (Kiswahili)
  14. Master of Arts (English and Literature)
  15. Master of Arts (Religious Studies)
  16. Master of Science (Chemistry)

Post Graduate Diploma

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Education
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

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