Moi University Distance Learning

Moi University Distance Learning

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Approaches to the provision and delivery of education are dynamic and Moi University is at the forefront in adapting its system appropriately. It is partly in recognition of this that the Institute of Open and Distance Learning (IODL) was established in November 2007 to spearhead the implementation of ODL in the university. The Institute has 11 (Eleven) members of staff and 5 (five) departments through which it provides its services. It has an ODL Management Board which provides guidance to the Institute and is chaired by the DVC (Academics, Research & Extension). An Evaluation Sub-Committee constituted under the Board ensures quality of the instructional materials developed and produced. It also has an Academic Board with representation from each School within Moi University. Members of this Board serve as intermediaries between IODL and their respective schools, and also enhance the readiness of each school for sensitization, training and preparation of ODL programmes. To date, an e-learning platform- Moi University System of Managing Instruction (MUSOMI) has been installed and is being used for blended learning our academic staff members who have already uploaded courses.
To be a centre of excellence in expanding access to Moi University Academic Programmes
To spearhead the utilization of alternative and flexible approaches to education provision through distance education, open, electronic and virtual learning in order to increase access to Moi University academic programmes and also provide possibilities for accelerating completion of study.

Quality Objectives

  • To provide alternative opportunities for further education to those who are eligible.
  • To offer flexible and alternative approaches to the provision of Moi university academic programmes.
  • To utilize ICT and other media in the provision and expansion of higher education.
  • To leverage School and Departmental effectiveness by using ODL in instruction, learning and research.
  • To provide an avenue for lifelong, continuing, professional education and training.
  • To develop networks and linkages with other similar institutions.
  • To support the University mission in enhancing access and equity in education.


Instructional Materials Design


  • Designs and provides the format/ guidelines for the development of Self learning instructional materials (SLIM) / modules.
  • Trains academic staff on how to repackage instructional materials into formats appropriate for ODL
  • Co-ordinates the production of modules / SLIM in conjunction with schools.
  • Enhances capacity building through trainings and workshops on new approaches to designing and developing self-learning instructional materials.
  •  Participates in the evaluation of modules
  • Promotes and Markets ODL  programmes of Moi University

Learner & Staff Support


  • Provides access to reference materials at the ODL Learning Resource Centre
  • Receives and responds to ODL inquiries
  • Conducts orientation on Learner Support Services available to staff and students
  • Maintains a repository of academic materials
  • Co-ordinates the establishment and management of ODL Study Centres
  • Co-ordinates the provision of required support services for ODL students
  • Provides support in the administration and management of courses
  • Promotes and markets ODL programmes of Moi University

Research Evaluation & Quality Assurance


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  • Spearheads research in order to keep up to date with emerging trends in Open, Distance and e-learning
  • Co-ordinates Quality Assurance issues within the Institute
  • Undertakes the necessary research on Open and Distance Learning
  • Co-ordinates the evaluation of modules developed for ODL programmes
  • Advices the university on the latest issues in ODL
  • Contributes in training of users
  • Promotes and markets ODL programmes of Moi University

Professional & Continuing Education


  • Co-ordinates the design, development, production and provision of tailor-made professional courses for different target groups
  • Collaborates with the Schools and other offices in ODL student recruitment and admissions
  • Co-ordinates the schedules for ODL teaching, learning resources and facilities
  • Organizes for workshops, conferences and seminars.
  •  Participates in the evaluation of modules
  • Promotes and markets ODL programmes of Moi University

ICT & Media Services


  • Provides ICT related support services for all users – academic staff, Learners and guests and runs the IODL computer labs and studios
  • Undertakes trainings for all users of the MUSOMI e-learning portal
  • Manages, maintains and updates the e-learning portal and IODL homepage
  • Receives and responds to email inquiries
  • Develops and maintains databases of content and users
  • Provides support in the administration and management of online/e-learning courses and participates in the evaluation of e-courses.
  • Provides advice and spearheads innovation on the latest technology to use in ODL
  • Promotes and markets ODL programmes of Moi University


The Director
Institute of Open & Distance Learning
Moi University
P.O Box 3900-30100
Eldoret, Kenya.
TEL: +254-053-2030992
FAX: +254-053-2030992
Or Send your Enquiries to
Email Address:
Visit Institute of Open & Distance Learning Website at:


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