MUA Philosophy in Management and Leadership (PhD) Course

MUA Philosophy in Management and Leadership (PhD) Course

MUA Philosophy in Management and Leadership (PhD) Course | MUA Philosophy in Management and Leadership (PhD) Course

Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Leadership (PhD)

General information

The University, the School of Management and Leadership and approved centre regulations shall apply. No student shall be registered for the Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Leadership without satisfying the minimum University requirements. The University shall admit students based on a non-discriminatory policy. Students will be admitted without regard to their gender, disability, religion, and race, ethnic or national origin.

Core Programme Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme a student will be able to:

  1. Provide relevant effective and efficient management and leadership to the society;
  2. Formulate, implement and evaluate research studies in the field of Management and Leadership that would contribute to national development;
  3. Develop leadership and management policies and developmental plans that are appropriate for specific organisations; and,
  4. Enhance relevant management and leadership skills in order to broaden academic knowledge in management, leadership, administration, research and analytical skills.

Target Groups

The Doctor of Philosophy degree programme in Management and Leadership targets master’s degreeholders or its equivalent and PhD holders in Management, Leadership, Business, Administration or any other relevant business disciplines including:

  1. Academicians and researchers with the relevant qualification who wish to further their career in Management and Leadership.
  2. Management or Leadership consultants with the relevant qualification who wish to further their career in Management and Leadership
  3. Business professionals with the relevant qualification who wish to develop their business skills and talents globally



Admission Requirements

The applicants to this program must satisfy any of the following minimum admission requirements:

  1. Be a holder of Masters Degree in management and Leadership from MUA or its equivalent from a recognized institution/University.
  2. Possess both bachelors and masters degrees. Masters degrees must be in an area of Management, Leadership or Business Administration.
  3. Holder of any other relevant masters’ degree in any other relevant field provided measures will be taken or have been taken to redress deficiencies in business and/or management and leadership education.
  4. Three letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant’s academic preparedness and ability to successfully undertake doctoral studies. At least two of those letters must be from the applicant’s previous graduate instructors.
  5. The applicant should make arrangements for the official transcripts to be submitted to the University directly from previous academic institution(s).
  6. Appear in person for an oral interview in order to determine their suitability for admission to a rigorous doctoral program.
  7. Pass any other qualifying requirements as determined by the University senate.
    1. The Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Leadership degree programme shall be offered in three (3) academic years. A student must complete the doctorate degree within a minimum of three (3) years or a maximum of seven (7) years. The first academic year will comprise six (6) course units, while the second and third academic years will comprise the independent research study paper and thesis. A student will be deemed to have passed the first academic year after successful completion of all the units offered in that year.  In order to proceed with thesis, a student must have passed all units offered in the first academic year. The period for Thesis shall consist of 36 months (minimum duration) and 48 months (full time students) and 72 months (part time students).
    2. Courses shall be offered in terms of units. One unit is defined as a series of 45 contact hours.  For this purpose a one-hour lecture is equivalent to a two-hour tutorial or a three-hour practical period, or an equivalent amount of other assigned study or practical experience or any combination of these that may be approved by the School of Management and Leadership.
    3. To qualify for the award of the degree, a student must pass all the six (6) course units offered and must have successfully completed the thesis.
  1. Be a holder of any other qualifications accepted by the University Senate as equivalent to any of the above.

 “Possession of the Minimum requirements does not guarantee automatic admission to the doctorate degree.”


 Other Admission Requirements

In addition to the above requirements, applicants are required to submit a clear statement of goals and objectives showing their specific area(s) of intended doctoral-level research work along with the other credentials. Such statement is expected to be sufficiently specific to enable the department and the School of Management and Leadership to make an accurate assessment of the students’ academic capabilities and preparation.


International applicants will be required to seek equivalence of their certificates from Commission for University Education (CUE) or other recognized examining bodies.



Programme Duration and Structure

A student wishing to temporarily suspend his/her studies must apply for academic leave.  The academic leave becomes official only after endorsement by the University Senate.  The academic leave cannot extend beyond two (2) continuous semesters and the leave duration will be part of the programme duration.  A student on academic leave must renew his/her registration at the beginning of every semester.

Unless exempted, a student shall be required to take all six (6) core course units offered in the first year.



  1. Students shall be required to register within the first three weeks of the semester
  2. No registration of students shall be allowed after the third week of the semester unless approved by the university senate.

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