Why is my Helb Application Form Defective?

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Why is my Helb Application Form Defective?

Why is my Helb Application Form Defective? – Answer:

If any or all of the following are missing then the application is defective and your form will not be processed:

a. Missing signatures and stamps: i.e. applicants’ signature, parents/guardian, priest, Chief or Assistant chief, Commissioner of Oaths or Magistrate and bank. Please note that signatures and stamping is mandatory.

b. Missing documents: if any of the documents on the checklist haven’t been attached then the form will be termed defective. These include: KCSE result slip, Admission letter; if orphaned, copy/copies of parent/s death certificate; if sponsored in High school, a confirmation letter from the school or sponsor and a colored passport size photo which is to be attached to the form before submission.

c. Scanned copies: the forms to be submitted should be the original copies and not scanned copies, if one submits the scanned copy then it is termed defective since it’s not the original.

d. 2nd & Subsequent loan application forms: All the subsequent application forms MUST be signed and stamped by the Dean of students.

In case of any queries: Website: www.helb.co.ke Student Service Centre: Mezzanine 1 – University Way, Nairobi Email: contactcentre@helb.co.ke Tel: 0711052000 Facebook: HELBpage Twitter: HELBpage

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