About Baraton College

About Baraton College

About Baraton College | About Baraton College | About Baraton College | About Baraton College

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History Of Baraton College

Baraton College was established in the year 2007 in Nandi County and admitted the first 5 students. The College is registered with the Ministry of Education to offer certificate, diploma and P1 programmes. The College started offering degree programmes in the year 2012 in collaboration with Gretsa University. Baraton College currently has three campuses namely: Baraton Campus which is the main campus, Kapsabet Campus in Kapsabet town, and Sosiot Campus in Kericho County.

In collaboration with Great Rift University, Baraton College is the only college in Western Kenya which offers animal health and production programme. The college has already been registered by Kenya Veterinary Board. The Animal health and production programme is currently only offered at the Kapsabet and Eldoret campuses but will soon be offered through virtual learning center.

Baraton College is the only college in Western Kenya which offers animal health and production programme

In addition to Animal Health courses, Baraton College has also introduced several other market driven courses in Health Sciences such Nursing, Clinical Medicine and Community Nutrition and Development. There are several courses with our faculties including as shown on our Academic Programmes/Courses section.

Baraton College has successfully graduated several graduands certificate, diploma and degree programmes. Baraton Collage is setting trends in higher education, research, innovation, job creation and leadership for scaling the heights of education towards Kenya’s Vision 2030. The College also focuses on preparing students adequately for market oriented jobs.


The Baraton College is a Centre of Excellence; with education related studies aimed at developing knowledgeable and skilled human resource for enhancement of transformation and productivity in the society.

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To provide quality education, spiritual nourishment, nurturing talent, building confidence and self-reliance in a conducive, serene and secure learning environment.

Philosophy of Baraton College

  • Baraton College is founded on Christian principles of commitment to educational training for holistic transformation in the human society according to the Christian faith, beliefs and values.
  • Baraton College envisages education that has great potential to change and transform human society for the better.

The College, would therefore be dedicated to the following:

  • Providing an intellectual, social, and cultural environment that attracts, serves, and empowers a pluralistic society;
  • Enabling, empowering and equipping individuals and communities with the necessary professional, intellectual, and practical capacities to serve the society with excellence;
  • Upholding Christian beliefs and values such as integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and transparency
  • Preparing individuals for careers and professions in a dynamic world and instilling in all persons a commitment and discipline to serve with excellence and distinction as concerned leaders, managers and workers;
  • Encouraging all of the institution’s members to be concerned about the welfare of all persons in campus, community and society as a whole;
  • Providing the most suitable means to improve the creative, innovative, moral, social and economic capacities and conditions of the person, and of society as a whole.

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