History Of Egerton University Nakuru Town Campus

History Of Egerton University Nakuru Town Campus

History Of Egerton University Nakuru Town Campus – Check Below:
Our Location.
Nakuru Town Campus College is the home of Self Sponsored Programmes (SSP). It is the only Egerton University’s Campus College and hosts the Faculties of Commerce and Health Sciences
It is located within the Proximity of the Central Business District (CBD) Along Government Road near Bontana Hotel. The Campus was established in 2001
The Start and Growth of Nakuru Town Campus College.
The Nakuru town campus college (NTCC) was officially launched in 2001 as a campus with the aim of providing alternative educational opportunities popularly known as Self Sponsored Programmes (SSP). Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom) and Masters in Business administration (MBA) were the pioneer programmes at the inception. At this initial point it was headed by a director. The campus has since been upgraded to a college headed principal. The faculties which offer courses at NTCC are: Commerce; Arts and Social science; Science; Engineering and technology and Health sciences.
Since then, the courses offered in the Campus have been diversified to include programmes in high demand in the job market driven Courses that have since been introduced to meet the demand. The campus provides Excellent facilities that include well equipped Computer Labs, modern Library with a Cybercafé, a cafeteria & Lecture halls.
Many new programmes have been introduced and many more underway. For example, the bachelor of law9LLB) is ready for launching and is awaiting approval from the center for legal education (CLE).
NTCC had its first intake of bachelor of commerce (BCOM) and 29 masters of business administration (MBA) students in September 2001. Currently, the college has grown to a student population of more than 2500. This comprises bachelors, masters, Ph.D., and diploma and certificate students. The college has qualified staff to cater for the large number of students.
NTCC is located in Nakuru town within the proximity of the central business district and is thus easily accessible to many prospective students. The college offers self-sponsored programmers in business, engineering, arts, medicine, nursing, environmental science, gender development, and computer science. The college also admits joint admissions board (JAB) students in the BCOM and BSc. (economic and statistics) programmes, who are integrated with the self-sponsored students. A twinning programme between western Michigan University and Egerton University is also offered here under the faculty of engineering and technology.
These courses are offered in two modes: full-time and part-time. The college offers both day/evening and weekend classes. There are Saturday classes to accommodate the working students. The college offers special mode of teaching whereby students come in on Friday afternoon from 1:00 pm and are taught through Saturday and Sunday. This mode of study has attracted many students from outside Nakuru who find the flexibility appealing to their schedules. The courses offered appeal to both school leavers and professionals who need to advance the careers. They are market driven and tailor made for each market segment. The fee structure is also competitive and attracts many students.
NTCC has four computer labs, three resource centers and three well-stocked libraries. The college also has a well-equipped media studio as well as radio station (Egerton 101.7fm). Both the studio and radio station are used to enhance the skills of the communication and media students. In addition, the radio station serves the surrounding communities.
NTCC collaborates with the Nakuru hostel owners association to provide accommodation to the students, ensuring that the hostels meet the required standards.

Key Milestones

2001 Nakuru Town Campus was Established
2011  Opening of the East End NTCC near Bontana
2012  Egerton FM was Launched. [Egerton FM 101.7]
2013  Moot Court was built for EU school of law in which participants will be taking part in simulated court proceedings
2014  Kokeb Land was bought
2015  Egerton University School of Law (EUSOL) & Ground Breaking of Kokeb Land scheduled to start in May


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