KAG East University Logo

KAG East University Logo

KAG East University Logo – Read Details below:
Our Mission:

Pentecostal Training Center, Shaping Servant Leaders, For Strategic Global Impact, Through Spirit-Empowered Life and Ministry.

Our Values

The KAG EAST University Faculty has identified the following as the institution’s Core Values.

  1. Christ-centered – We belief Jesus Christ is the Saviour and Lord, is the ultimate focus and purpose of KAG EAST University. He is the supreme model, demonstrating a life of genuine integrity, holiness, and biblical servant leadership.
  2. Biblical – The Holy Bible, is the inspired Word of God, and is the basis for our faith and practice. It is the authoritative foundation of KAG EAST University, defining our purpose and essence.
  3. Pentecostal – Rooted in the purpose and practice of Pentecostal theology, KAG EAST University creates an atmosphere to experience the power of the Holy Spirit, allowing people to fulfil their God given purpose on their lives.
  4. Missional – We are passionate on missions. KAG EAST University equips individuals to strategically serve in cross-cultural situations and engage the nations as transformers of society.
  5. Educational – We value academic excellence and emphasize creative thinking, critical writing, cultural relevance, community influence, and Christian spirituality and maturity. KAG EAST University develops scholars through research, teaching, and praxis.


KAG EAST University exists to prepare students for life and ministry in the dynamic African context. It provides a special environment for education and spiritual development. The school has developed effective curricula to train those individuals who have a clear objective and purpose in life.

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Our History

KAG EAST University was formerly known as East Africa School of Theology. The institution is owned wholly by the Kenya Assemblies of God.